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1. We have all heard the adage "Laughter is the best medicine". Well, some comedians have made their audiences laugh until it hurts at such risque topics as cancer and chemotherapy. When Tig Notaro took the stage, and started off with "Hello, I have cancer" back in 2012, the audience had no idea that they would be laughing at this woman's story of how she coped with breast cancer. Have you ever heard this 30-minute comedy routine, which is considered by many comedians to be legendary and hilarious?

Yes I have and I loved it
207 votes
Yes, but I didn't find it funny
146 votes
1,326 votes
No, and I do not see how this could be funny
355 votes
Other (please specify)
29 votes

2. Tig decided that she was going to approach her cancer diagnosis the same way she approached everything in her life--her breakups, her relationship with her mother, who had died and her coming out-- with humor and laughter. Certainly she was prepared for some criticism (after all cancer is decidedly NOT funny) but she knew that if she didn't laugh about it, she would surely let it consume her and win. Some may think that some topics just are not suitable material for a comedy routine. How many of these comedians do you think may have crossed the line?

Stewart Lee, whose comedy routines slams Christian fundamentalist and religion in general
219 votes
Caitlin Brodnick, who also bases much of her comedy on cancer and dying, and even preventative double mastectomy
155 votes
Doug Stanhope, whose routine talks about paedophilia and religion
210 votes
Richard Pryor, the late comedian's act was racially-charged and full of profanity
265 votes
Bill Hicks, the late comedian attacked both religion and anti-smoking people, even found comedy in Waco, Texas incident
187 votes
Billy Connolly, the British comic, who based his comedy on the Catholic church with liberal profanity
154 votes
Jimmy Carr, whose comedy made fun of the disabled, terrorist tragedies and Princess Diana
269 votes
Reginald D Hunter, whose comedy about racism is full of use of the 'N' word
200 votes
Daniel Tosh bases his routine on abortion, rape, women's rights and gay rights
265 votes
Frankie Boyle, British comedian, whose foul routine is politically-charged and very personal
102 votes
Louis CK, talks about masturbation, the luck of being born white, rape and many other off-color subjects
240 votes
None of them
893 votes
All of them...these topics just aren't funny!
477 votes

3. Do you think that using humor to deal with very serious issues is a good way of dealing with stress?

Yes, in all cases
215 votes
Yes, in most cases, but in appropriate situations
486 votes
Depends on the issue and also the timing
781 votes
No, never
298 votes
I have never had to deal with a serious issue/N/A
239 votes
Other (please specify)
16 votes
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