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1. Have you played Cards Against Humanity?

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2. How did you play?

Physical cards
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Online version
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Not Applicable
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3. The company has a history of pulling funny shenanigans around the holidays. Just earlier this year they raised $70,000 by selling nothing for Black Friday. Their big holiday to-do this year is their Eight Sensible Gifts for Hanukkah. Those who signed up are in the midst of getting one "sensible" gift for each of the 8 days of Hanukkah. They took the money raised from all 150,000 who signed up, and used the money for that day to give everyone that works for their printer in China a week's paid vacation. The CAH crew purchased an authentic Pablo Picasso print, signed by the artist himself. Only 50 of these exist in the world. And its fate is being left in the hands of the consumer. The piece gets donated to the Art Institute of Chicago, or cut into 150,000 pieces. Should they decide to have it cut up, each person who bought the Hanukkah gift set will receive one of those tiny pieces. Which option sounds better to you?

Donated to the Art Institute of Chicago
1,426 votes
Cut into 150,000 pieces
504 votes
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By: Tellwut
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