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Results: Some people are seeing 'Madame Web' despite, or perhaps because of, the bad reviews

Published on 02/23/2024
By: Tellwut
By most metrics, Madame Web has been a disaster of blockbuster proportions. Starring Dakota Johnson as a woman who develops clairvoyant powers, the latest Marvel superhero movie from Sony’s Columbia Pictures has flopped at the box office. The film cost more than $100 million to make, according to the Hollywood Reporter, but it garnered just $53 million in global ticket sales in its first week, resulting in the worst opening for any film from the so-called Spider-Man Universe.

Critics have savaged the film. On Rotten Tomatoes, the movie’s score hovers at a lowly 13%. Veteran film reviewer Richard Roeper with the Chicago Sun-Times called it “one of the worst comic book movies” he had ever seen, while Alison Wilmore at Vulture dubbed it a “real stinker” that had been reworked “to the point of incoherence.”

Yet, those awful reviews haven’t scared off all moviegoers. Some have been racing to catch Madame Web in theaters not in spite of the film’s terrible word of mouth, but precisely because of it. “The trailer was wonderfully bad, but the reviews made me decide I had to see it for myself,” Peter Turo, a 39-year-old executive assistant in New York City, told Yahoo Entertainment.

“There were a lot of tweets urging people to see Madame Web because it was so awful and how fun it is to watch a terrible movie,” said Paige Alena, a 25-year-old voice actor in Los Angeles. “I love so-bad-they’re-good movies, especially when I’m watching them with my friends, so I was absolutely down to see it.”