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In honor of the upcoming People’s Choice Awards (January 6th 2016) we are asking our Tellwutters their top choices for television, movies and thespians using the PCA’s nominee list . Each survey is worth 25 points and each vote will get you entered into Tellwut’s $10 Amazon gift card away. (One each - Canada and US)

Please share –retweet these surveys on your social media pages and let’s see how Tellwutter’s results compare to the 2016 People’s Choice results!

Tellwut Choice Awards - Favorite Movie

1. Tellwut Choice Awards - Favorite Movie

Avengers: Age of Ultron
491 votes
Furious 7
554 votes
Inside Out
517 votes
Jurassic World
1,001 votes
Pitch Perfect 2
370 votes
11/30/2015 Movies 2934 46 By: Tellwut
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By: Tellwut
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