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1. Nothing can evoke emotion like the perfect music, and TV shows over the years have certainly done their homework. Music used on TV shows has evolved from the simple theme song to the generic background music which often was was only an afterthought, to the point now where music plays an integral part in our experience. Often searches for music tracks after a show airs, is enough to chart these songs and launch careers. Perhaps no TV show is better at this than Grey's Anatomy. Throughout its 15 season run, Grey's has been responsible for launching the careers of some of music's brightest artists, through exposure on their show. In fact, according to Tunefind, a website that lists music used on TV and movies, Grey's is the number one searched TV show. Here is just a short list of the many artists that got their start when Grey's showcased one of their songs. Are any of these artists ones you listen to?

Snow Patrol -- "Chasing Cars"
264 votes
Tegan and Sara -- "Where Does The Good Go"
126 votes
Ingrid Michaelson -- . "Keep Breathing"
135 votes
The Fray -- "How To Save A Life"
309 votes
Lauren Daigle -- "Rescue"
93 votes
Postal Service -- "Such Great Heights"
75 votes
Aston Merrygold -- "Trudy"
37 votes
Bon Iver -- "Blindsided"
74 votes
Anna Nalick -- "Breathe (2 AM)"
139 votes
Do not know any of them
1,555 votes

2. One group, Sleeping At Last has actually made a career of performing songs used on Grey's Anatomy, and other shows. They do some originals, but many of their songs are remixes of classics and alternative songs. They have gone from an unknown group of musicians to one of the most searched artists due in no small part to the show, which began featuring their music in 2013. Since that date, they have had no less than 38 times on the show. Are you familiar with them, and if you listen to the video, do you like their sound?

Already familiar with them
109 votes
Have not heard of them
493 votes
I like their sound
269 votes
It's OK
297 votes
Not my thing
529 votes
Did not/could not play the video
613 votes

3. Here is a partial list of musicians or groups who, through their exposure on TV commercials or TV shows, became popular. How many of these do you listen to?

American Authors -- after being featured in commercials for Lowes (which aired during the Super Bowl), Hyundai, Telecom, and ESPN, the group went on to big success, especially with their song "Best Day Of My Life"
155 votes
Imagine Dragons. -- "It's Time" was covered on Glee and The Voice. To date, their songs have been used in over 20 commercials.
423 votes
Christina Perri-- A choreographer on So You Think You Can Dance used her song, "Jar of Hearts" for a dance number. The next day, she sold over 50,000 downloads on iTunes and 21 days later she signed with Atlantic Records.
193 votes
Alexi Murdoch -- One of many artists who got their break from The O.C. The song "Orange Sky" also was placed on Dawson's Creek, Prison Break, House, Brother's & Sisters and in commercials for Honda and Hallmark
84 votes
Joshua Radin -- The first song he ever wrote was featured in (his college friend) Zach Braff's Scrubs which led to Radin's record deal with Columbia.
69 votes
The Lumineers --Their song "Ho Hey" started as a placement on the season finale of Hart of Dixie which led to them signing with Atlantic.
237 votes
Tyler Hilton -- Here's an artist who broke out on a huge scale because of his guest staring appearances in the show One Tree Hill. He played a musician (not himself) on the show and his songs were included on each of the three soundtrack albums.
68 votes
Feist -- The Canadian singer/songwriter was selling 2,000 copies a week of her song "1234" prior to the inclusion in Apple's iPod nano commercial. The week following the commercial, the song sold 73,000 copies and went onto chart in 11 countries.
176 votes
None of them
1,469 votes

4. In my opinion, the best use of a song on a TV show, hands down, was the (spoiler alert -- skip this if you do not want to know what happens at the end of the series Six Feet Under) montage final scene of the series, Six Feet Under, set to an incredible song by SIa, "Breathe Me', which shows how all the characters of the series die -- fitting indeed for a show centered around a funeral home. This song put Sia's name on the map, and remains to this day, one of the top musical moments on TV. If you have not seen this, or even if you are watching it for the hundredth time, do you think this is a powerful piece?

It's incredibly moving
224 votes
Pretty good and effective
384 votes
Not my thing
744 votes
Did not/could not watch it
611 votes
I'm taking that spoiler alert seriously!
237 votes
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