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1. Music therapy has been studied for use in managing numerous mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety, and even more severe conditions such as dementia. Have you ever used music to help with your mental health?

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2. People with depression listen to sad music because it makes them feel better, according to a small study that is one of the first to investigate why people turn to tearjerkers when they're already down. Do you listen to sad music when you are already sad/depressed?

Yes and it makes me feel better
802 votes
Yes and it makes me feel worse
212 votes
Yes and it makes me feel about the same
304 votes
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3. Taylor Swift said that her mental health is one of the reasons she wanted to release an upbeat song like "Me!" — because it's the perfect song to play when you're feeling down. And, as she added, it's also the perfect song for her to play on stage when she's feeling down. Is this the type of music you like to listen to when you're down?

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Not Applicable
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4. Have you noticed music has helped you in any of the ways down below?

Music Can Improve Your Cognitive Performance-Research suggests that background music, or music that is played while the listener is primarily focused on another activity, can improve performance on cognitive tasks in older adults.
864 votes
Music Can Reduce Stress-Listening to music can be an effective way to cope with stress.
1,486 votes
Music Might Help You Eat Less-If you are trying to lose weight, listening to mellow music and dimming the lights might help you achieve your goals. The researchers suggest that music and lighting help create a more relaxed setting. Since the participants were more relaxed and comfortable, they may have consumed their food more slowly and have been more aware of when they began to feel full.
311 votes
Music Can Improve Your Memory-The research suggests that it may help, but it depends upon a variety of factors which might include the type of music, the listener's enjoyment of that music, and even how musically well-trained the listener may be.
562 votes
Music Can Help Manage Pain-Research has shown that music can be very helpful in the management of pain. One study of fibromyalgia patients found that those who listened to music for just one hour a day experienced a significant reduction in pain compared to those in a control group.
468 votes
Music Might Help You Sleep Better-research has demonstrated that listening to relaxing classical music can be a safe, effective, and affordable remedy. to insomnia
830 votes
Music Can Improve Motivation-researchers have found that listening to fast-paced music motivates people to work out harder
822 votes
Music Can Improve Your Mood-A study found that intentionally trying to boost moods by listening to positive music could have an impact within two weeks.
1,004 votes
Music Might Reduce the Symptoms of Depression-Researchers have also found that music therapy can be a safe and effective treatment for a variety of disorders, including depression.
714 votes
Music Can Improve Endurance and Performance-While people have a preferred step frequency when walking and running, scientists have discovered that the addition of a strong, rhythmic beat, such as fast-paced musical track, could inspire people to pick up the pace. Runners are not only able to run faster while listening to music; they also feel more motivated to stick with it and display greater endurance.
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Not Applicable
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