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Do you regularly listen to any radio stations specializing in oldies?

A friend of mine about a decade my senior is an oldies stickler; when it comes to rock('n'roll), he believes nothing released after 1969 should be considered an oldie. I'm more flexible, though I believe that by the 1980's, the sound of much of popular music had changed enough that its makes sense to me to make aesthetic and, for radio, formatic distinctions. If we all start in the the mid-1950's with Bill Haley, Elvis Preseley, Fats Domino, Pat Boone, et al, where does the era of oldies stop for you?

It has come to my attention that some radio stations that once played 1960's-'70's material have shifted to played '70's to '80's or '90's music. Most or all such stations seem to also shift from identifying as being "oldies" outlets to being broadcasters of "classic hits." Does tha seem to you as a fair way to (re)brand a radio format?

No matter the variatiobn of oldies or classicx hits format, it's been my experience that most or all such stations don't have in their rotation certain types of records that were hits in the eras the formats encompass. If you'ds an oldies radio aficionado, which of these tyoes of records would you like to hear more, or at all?

Another thing missing from most oldies stations is the general atmosphere of pop stations from those olden days:announcers wth their own jingles and more animated, idiosyncratic oratorical style than radio personalities nowadays. Paired with this question is one of a series of albums released in the '70's and '80s wherein that older style of disc jockeying-when DJ's actually played discs!-is recreated by radio jocks of the '50s's and '60's, including music and commercials from back then. Do you miss this now seemingly antiquated style of broadcasting?

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