Truth Hurts: The Singer, Then The Song

In 2002, an r&b singer named Shari Watson used the pseudonym of Truth Hurts to score her only real hit, "Addictive." Sampling Bollywood movie playback singer Lata Mangeshkar's 1983 recording of "Kaliyon Ka Chaman." the song was part of its era's brief vogue for East Indian sounds in Western urban music. Apologies for the f-bomb one of my favorite rappers, Rakim, drops in the unexpurgated version of the recording heard on this question. Sorry, too. for the cameo made in the vid' by rapper/producer Dr. Dre, who owns Hurts' label but could have been as much an instigator of #MeToo as Harvey Weinstein was. ANYway, do you enjoy this fusion of US r&b and subcontinental Asian cinema soundtrack?

In 2019, Melissa Jefferson records as Lizzo and from her first major label album has a Top Ten r&b/pop crossover entitled-you guessed?-"Truth Hurts." Apologies for the multiple b-bombs she drops in this one, too, but its loping, piano-based loop, her vocal sassiness, and the way she has with reggae-inspired sing-jaying makes this a winner by me, too. How about you?

Which of the above recordings do you prefer?

Apart from songs whose titles purposefully name-check other musical acts, such as Taylor Swift's "Tim McGraw" and Rae Sremmund's "Black Beatles," can you think of any songs whose titles may inadvertently name another act, or any acts whomay inadvertently-or, what the hey, purposefully-have copped a song title for their name?

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