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1. The Music Machine were one of the many US bands 1960's inspired by the British invasion of domestic pop radio mid-decade, molding it to their own expression. Arguably more influentrial than the Beatles on what would be later known as '60's punk, garage punk or garage rock (because many such bands started can guess where?!).were the more aggressive sounds of the Rolling Stones, the Yardbirds, the Animals the Kinks and the Who. It may not be much of a costume, but dressing only in black, including a glove on each member's right hand, was an effectively striking look for them, as they're seen performing their lone national top 40 hit, "Talk Talk," on Dick Clark's Where The Action Is TV show in the video with this question. How do you like their sound and look?

Yes to both their look and sound!
565 votes
Their look? Yes! Their sound? No!
153 votes
Their sound? Yes! Their look? No!
182 votes
No to both their suond and look!
628 votes
Didn't watch the clip, don't recall them from any other context, and am not going to familiarize myself with them now.
972 votes

2. The Monks were another band comprised of American young men in the mid-'60's. But they were all members of the army stationed in Germany. Starting out in a more traditionally poppy rock 'n' roll sound as the Torquays, they refashioned their sound to include an electric banjo and their look to incorporate drawstring shirts and tonsure haircuts. Thus they became the Monks. They released one album, Black Monk Time, and a few singles, but to limited reception in the Fatherland. The US division of their record company refused to release their work because of their lyrics' cynicism about the Vietnam war. The Monks' ecstatic, caustic sound has proven influential on later punk, new wave and college/alternative rock acts, and their story's far more involved than what I'm sharing. With this question is a clip of them performing on a German TV show. How do their look and sound work for you?

Both their look and sound work for me!
452 votes
Their look works for me, but not their sound!
154 votes
Their sound works for me, but not their look!
182 votes
Neither their sound nor look work for me!
614 votes
Never heard of them before this and am not going to bother finding out about them now.
1,098 votes

3. Like the Monkess before them and the Partridge Family after them, the Banana Splits were created for a TV show. Though the costumed, anthropomorphic quartet were meant to appeal to kds wanting a Saturday morning cartoon fix in the late '60's, their one album includes songwriting contributions from talented adults, including orchestral disco maestro-to-be Barry White, '60's rocker Gene Pitney and Blood, Sweat & Tears and Blues Project founder Al Kooper. The Splits' theme song would become a top 10 hit in Great Britain after it was recorded by California punk band the Dickies in the late 1970's. Here's the original version of that number (their album is so musically varied, it's difficult to tell whether this track is representative). Do you enjoy the Banana Splits' look and sound?

I like their look, but not their sound!
184 votes
I like this example of their sound, but not their look!
233 votes
I like both their look and what I hear here!
448 votes
I like neither their sound nor look!
592 votes
Didn't bother then and won't now.
1,043 votes

4. Since the late 1980's, self-proclaimed kings of budget rock the Mummies have made '60's surf and proto-punk sounds even more primitive as they bang them out looking like bandaged up, reanimated corpses. And their website says they're looking for crowdfunding to make a movie! Former Bruce Springstten guitarist Little Steven Van Zant has played their "(You Must Fight To Live) On The Planet Of The Apes" on his syndicated Underground Garage radio show every Hallow'een for a while now, but here they are performing an instrumental called "The Fly" on a public access TV show in 1990. How do the Mummies look and sound grab you?

Their look grabs me, but not their sound!
130 votes
Their sound grabs me, but not their look!
203 votes
Neither their look and sound grab me!
731 votes
Both their look and sound grab me!
214 votes
Not going to bother attempting to be grabbed by either.
1,222 votes

5. If you weren't already freaked out by any of the above, this last act may do it for you. The Knghts of the New Crusade plied unreconstituted garage punk from 2004 to 2011 (I've no idea whether they're still active), dressed as-you guessed?-knights and singing from a bold Christian perspective. Some have theorized that last element of their work was parody, but I'm pretty sure they were sincere. Regardless of whether they were really about the Lord's business, what do you think of them based on this clip of what looks to be a German TV show (the band originated in California)?

I don't enjoy their sound, but I like their look!
118 votes
I don't enjoy their look, but I like their sound!
159 votes
I enjoy neither their look nor their sound!
671 votes
I enjoy both their look and sound!
195 votes
Not going to expose myself to either their look nor sound to discover whether I iike them.
1,357 votes
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