CD & LP Box Sets...Alphabetically (Mostly)

Do you own any box sets-which can also look kind of like books-of CD's or LP's (count tapes and other vinyl configurations if you like, too) by musicial acts you enjoy?

Below is a partial alphabetical list of artists by whom I have CD and/or LP box sets. Which of the following artist's box set do you have, or at least like or are interested in checking out their music?

Not all box sets in my collection are dedicated to a single act. Which among the following (not alphabetized) do you have or might interest you?

Then there are, space considerations aside, the box sets yet to be had! Among the acts listed below, whose box sets do you have, or at least enjoy their music or interested in checking it out (these may not be alphabetical)?

The music business now makes more money from streaming than physical sales, and many people listen to digitized playlists instead of physical music collections; the idea of boxed sets now seems diminished in appreciation. Even if you don't own any nor want any, can you see the value of box set to anthologize, or commemorate artists' work, or merely, as a record store own of my acquaintance has put it, "one-stop shopping" for a body of work?

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