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Mortality seems to be a trending theme on commercial hard rock radio lately. But are the following recent examples dead to you, or do they make you get lively?:

1. The band fronted by former actress Taylor Momsen, The Pretty Reckless, recently hit #1 in rock radio airplay with "Death By Rock And Roll." Lyrically, it's pretty dire, but I enjoy the crunchy riffs and, as pretty (heh heh?) much always, Momsen's vocals. How about you?

I'm digging it!
222 votes
I'm indifferent.
303 votes
I'm not into it!
443 votes
I've not heard it and didn't listen to it here.
1,332 votes

2. They've been around a while, but one of my favorite rock discoveries over the past year or so is Whisley Myers, among the better heirs to the Southern boogie sound so popular in the 1970's by way of acts such as Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Allman Brothers Band. Whiskey Myers' embrace of Christianity is seemingly more conflicted than mine, but their current single "Die Rockin'" kicks my backside. Yours?

I can feel their boot in my glutes, too!
279 votes
Not feeling anything...yet, anyway.
306 votes
Not enjoying, I!
375 votes
i've not heard it and didn't ilsten to it here.
1,340 votes

3. Sevendust are Southerners, too, but they rock more metallcally than Whiskey Myers. They've some use for grunge, too, since their current chart-climber is a remake of Soundgarden's "The Day I Tried To Live." And if you have to try to live, maybe you're..dead? That is, alas, what Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell is now, but I think Sevendust pay him an apt tribute, Likewise for you?

Yes, and I like this at least much as I do Soundgarden's original.
181 votes
Yes, but I prefer the original iteration.
213 votes
I'm blase' about both.
177 votes
I don't like either.
453 votes
I've not lisened to both or either.
1,276 votes

4. Much as I enjoy the songs about which I'm asking you above, I had an almost visceral aversion when I was a kid to the sort of death-focused '50's-'60's teen-marketed pop typified by Ray Peterson's "Tell Laura I Love Her" and Mark Dinning's "Teen Angel" (the latter was written as a joke about that musical trend). In the style(s) of music you enjoy already, how well do you like songs about death and dying?

Generally, I like them.
283 votes
It depends on the songwriting, musicianship. production and/or other factors.
564 votes
I don't think one way or another about them.
441 votes
I'd rather those topics not be broached in the music i listen to.
236 votes
I don't listen to enough music for it to matter to me.
776 votes
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