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1. You're at a concert, and you know the words to the songs the act you're seeing is singing (or rapping?). What are you most inclined to do?

I'm going to siong and/or rap to the best of my ability and loudness.
322 votes
I didn't pay to hear a hall full of other people vocalize along wth whom I wanted to hear in concert! I may mouth along, but I'm not singing (and would prefer others don't, too).
226 votes
If the singer or band explicitly or implicitly invites the audience to get in their licks, count me in. Otherwise, I don't.
278 votes
It depends on the genre and the setting (for example:yes at a rock or country show in an arena, but not so much at a classical vocal recital or intimate jazz date)
374 votes
I've never been to a concert or don't attend them any longer, so it's a moot point
515 votes

2. Recorded musical, backgrounds are endemic to some musical genres, regardless how high profile the concert. Your thoughts about that?

I'd rather not spend my concert ticket dollars on acts who use recorded tracks, regardless the genre.
436 votes
I understand that some of the people making the music I like use tracks, If the singing's good, there's enough going on visually and/or considering other factors, that's OK by me.
261 votes
It depends on who I'm seeing and what I expect out of a concert.
446 votes
I'm no concert-goer.
572 votes

3. You want a tactile remembrance of a show. Or you care enough about who you're seeing that you want to give them even more monetary support. what kind/s of souvenirs/merchandise do you like to buy at concerts?

Clothing (shirts, bandanas, kerchiefs, etc.)
430 votes
Accessories (pins, buttons, bracelets, etc.)
135 votes
Music, regardless the format (maybe even sheet music)
150 votes
Print media (posters, tour programs, glossy pictures, etc.)
131 votes
Unique items I've not seen other acts selling
138 votes
Depends on how much I like who I'm seeing, my budget and/or what catches my eye
296 votes
I'm not a merch'/souvie buyer when I go to concerts.
359 votes
I've never been or no longer attend concerts.
550 votes

4. Assuming you're attending a general admission (not reserved seats) performance, where do you prefer to sit/stand?

Close to the stage as possible to feel the full brunt of the sound and visuals
493 votes
Far back as possible to scan the crowd's response to the show
154 votes
Like to vary my posoition throughout a show, maybe especially if there's an intermission
413 votes
It's nothing that concerns me because I've never been to a concert or attend them no longer.
655 votes

5. You're significantly older or younger than the majority of the audience at a concert you're attending. How comfortable are you with that?

Age is nothing but a number. I'm there for the music, so it matters not.
678 votes
If I'm not there with someone closer to the prime demographic, it can get a bit weird for me, but whatever!
142 votes
However much a fan I may be, that's not my favorite kind of social situation.
129 votes
I'm the kind of contrarian who feeds on the energy created by such a situation. Bring it on!
59 votes
It depends on the music and the setting. I may explain with a comment.
151 votes
I've never attended concert, or I don't go to them any longer.
556 votes
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