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1. At this year's CMA (Country Music Association) Awards presentation, Chris Stapleton, a virtual unknown to commercial country radio listeners, save for his songwriting credits, surprised many by walking away with the trophies for new artist, album and make vocalist of the year. All that attention and good will prompted a gargantuan uptick in sales for that album, Traveller. Were you familiar with Stapleton before the post-CMA's attention being given to him?

Oh, yes
99 votes
No, his CMA Awards wins made for my initial exposure to him.
365 votes
249 votes
I don't keep abreast of country music at all, so this survey makes for the first I've known of him.
1,078 votes

2. Before entering the competitive fray of major label country music, Stapleton was a member of highly-regarded bluegrass band The Steeldrivers. Are you familiar with Stapleton's previous 'grassy musical contributions?

80 votes
659 votes
197 votes
No bluegrass listener, I, so I've no frame of reference for this question.
855 votes

3. Because of his traditional leanings and absence of the bro'-oriented lyrical mannerisms and lack of the hip-hop, electronic dance music and modern r&b affections prominent in commercial country's current sound scape, some are calling Stapleton country's savior. Do you think country radio music needs saving?

Considering the aesthetic wasteland country radio has become, yes, such a savior is needed;Stapleton may be it.
131 votes
Yes, countrey radio is largely regrettable, Stapleton is wonderful, but "savior" is too weighty a title to thrust on him.
149 votes
Stapleton is but one major label act who, in conjunction with plenty of people on an indie level, are making inroads to restoring authenticity and ingenuity to high-profile country.
202 votes
I may or ay not like Stapleton's music, but I also like the current direction of commercial radio country Stapleton's countering.
232 votes
I don't like nor keep up wth country music, so I've no opinion on this;thanks for the points!
1,077 votes

4. Are you aware of any other instances where awards show exposure has catapulted a musical act into seemingly instant superstardom, as has occurred with Stapleton on the CMA's?

Yes, and I may share such in a comment.
154 votes
No, none come to mind.
815 votes
I've no use for country music nor awards shows for any kind of music, but I appreciate the points.
822 votes
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