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1. In a year that seems especially heavy with the deaths in the music world, Philip Kives' name may not resonate boldly as other recent losses. But the company he founded, K-Tel, released many compilation albums that introduced many young listeners to pop record buying from at least the mid- '60s to the mid-'90s. Were you aware that Kives died in April 2016?

Yes, I'd already known that.
166 votes
No, but now I do know.
785 votes
Unsure;I may have?
155 votes
I've never heard of the man nor his company (so that's another way of saying no?).
694 votes

2. Did you ever have purchase any K-Tel compilation albums or had any given to you as gifts?

Yes, I've purchased or got as a gift at least one K-Tel compilation.
347 votes
No, I dont recall ever having purchaed or been gifted any K-Tel compilations.
1,110 votes
It's been so long ago &/or my collection is in such disorder, I'm unsure.
343 votes

3. Would you be willing to buy compact discs or digital file albums of K-Tel or other TV-advertised compilation albums of the past, if the songs on the refurbished versions would be unedited and of probably higher audio quality than on the originals?

Yes, purchasing at least one such reissued album would interest me.
254 votes
No, I can either dig out my old albums or dwell on the memories I have of them.
362 votes
It may depend on the album/s and possibly whether the digital files are compressed as the LP sound was back then.
327 votes
I never had such albums and have no interest in hearing them now.
857 votes

4. For many young music listeners, listening to streaming playlists and compiling their own has rendered the idea of the compilation album irrelevant. Do you believe streaming now serves the same purpose as vinyl and tape albums of recent hits did back when?

Yes, streaming pretty much serves the same function as K-Tel's, et al's compilations.
300 votes
Yes, at least to some extent or for some stream listteners.
261 votes
No, from what I know, streamers prefer their streamed music to serve a different purpose than those albums.
531 votes
708 votes

5. K-Tel may be best remembered now for their albums, but the company was also responsible for numerous other products, from hamburger patty stackers and compact fishing rids to brushes and buttonhole makers, Have you ever owned any other K-Tel goods?

Yes, and I still have at least one!
147 votes
Yes, but any I had are long gone!
251 votes
No, I never had any.
986 votes
If ever I had any, I never really paid attention to brand names, so...perhaps?
416 votes
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