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*FB excerpt*

1. *FB excerpt* "Marcel Marceau's extraordinary talent for pantomime entertained audiences around the world for over sixty years. It also saved hundreds of Jewish children during the Holocaust. Born to a Jewish family in Strasbourg, France in 1923, young Marcel Mangel discovered Charlie Chaplin at age five and became an avid fan. He entertained his friends with Chaplin imitations, and dreamed of starring in silent movies. When Marcel was 16, the Nazis marched into France, and the Jews of Strasbourg - near the German border - had to flee for their lives. Marcel changed his last name to Marceau to avoid being identified as Jewish, and joined the French resistance movement. Masquerading as a boy scout, Marcel evacuated a Jewish orphanage in eastern France. He told the children he was taking them on a vacation in the Alps, and led them to safety in Switzerland. Marcel made the perilous journey three times, saving hundreds of Jewish orphans. He was able to avoid detection by entertaining the children with silent pantomime. Documentary filmmaker Phillipe Mora, whose father fought alongside Marcel in the French resistance, said, ''Marceau started miming to keep children quiet as they were escaping. It had nothing to do with show business. He was miming for his life.'' My name is Mangel. I am Jewish. Perhaps that, unconsciously, contributed towards my choice of silence." Word spread throughout the Allied forces of Marcel's remarkable talent as a mime. In his first major performance, Marcel entertained 3,000 US troops after the liberation of Paris in August 1944 In 1947, Marcel created his beloved character Bip, a childlike everyman with a stovepipe hat and a red carnation. For the next six decades, Marcel was the world's foremost master of the art of silence. In 2001, Marcel was awarded the Wallenberg Medal for his acts of courage during the Holocaust. When the award was announced, people speculated on whether Marcel would give an acceptance speech. He replied, "Never get a mime talking, because he won't stop." Until his death at age 84, Marcel performed 300 times a year and taught 4 hours a day at his pantomime school in Paris. He died on Yom Kippur, 2007." Which of the following are true for you?

I know who Marcel is
779 votes
I've seen videos or clips of Marcel perform
505 votes
I enjoy watching mimes perform
335 votes
I am aware of Marcel's Jewish ancestry
133 votes
I am aware of his brave acts to save Jewish children
116 votes
748 votes
If you've seen a mime perform, which of the following do you prefer?

2. If you've seen a mime perform, which of the following do you prefer?

A mime that is imitating or mocking people in public (doing what they are doing behind them)
170 votes
A mime engaging with the public
396 votes
A mime doing a vignette that does not require any else's participation
417 votes
878 votes
Other (please specify)
15 votes
Have you ever tried or mimed?

3. Have you ever tried or mimed?

Yes, performed
64 votes
Trained but never publically performed
87 votes
Wanted to
112 votes
1,613 votes
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