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It will be interesting to see how many Tellwuters remember these 2 Canadian TV series.

1. call sign XNY556 A for apple. It was Canada's first television show produced in colour. The series ran for three seasons, a total of 104 30-minute episodes, (that's right, 104 episodes over a 3 year run). They actually still have a fan site! Do you remember this series, The Forest Rangers (1963-1965) ?

Yes for sure
157 votes
maybe... not sure
162 votes
Not that I recall
692 votes
Other (please specify)
11 votes
Not Applicable
1,178 votes
special memories of this series
  • sounds crappy
  • No memories, I didn't like watching the show at all.
  • na

2. Adventures in Rainbow Country was a Canadian television series, which aired 26 episodes 1970-71. The show starred Lois Maxwell, (she also portrayed Miss Moneypenny in James Bond movies between 1962-1985) as Nancy Williams, a widow raising her children Billy (Stephen Cottier) and Hannah (Susan Conway) in rural Northern Ontario. My favorite episode was "Roar of the Hornet" as my friends' 32 Ford hotrod was used throughout the episode. Do you remember this series?

116 votes
maybe, I'm not sure
130 votes
Not that I recall
749 votes
Other (please specify)
12 votes
Not Applicable
1,193 votes
any special memories of this series?
  • no good
  • No
  • Again, another series I found boring and didn't watch.
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