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A California man face multiple charges after dining and dashing on his dates. Paul Guadalupe Gonzales is accused of 11 counts of extortion and two counts of attempted extortion for allegedly taking woman out on dates and leaving them with the bill. One woman said that it was humiliating when Gonzales never returned after saying he was going to make a call. Gonzales is being charged for public humiliation. He faces a maximum of 16 years and 10 months in county jail.

1. Are you familiar with this news story?

Yes, I am familiar with this news story
574 votes
No, I am not familiar with this news story
2,226 votes

2. Are you surprised that this man will face criminal charges for leaving woman he goes on dates with to pay the bill?

Yes, I am surprised
1,213 votes
No, I am not surprised
1,587 votes

3. Do you think Gonzales should face criminal charges for public humiliation?

Yes, Gonzales should face charges
1,516 votes
No, Gonzales should not face charges
460 votes
Not sure
824 votes

4. Have you ever purposely told someone that you forgot your wallet so you would not have to pay?

Yes, I have told someone I didn't have my wallet to avoid paying
142 votes
No, I have never lied about not having my wallet to avoid paying the bill
2,658 votes

5. Have you ever dined-and-dashed at a restaurant?

Yes, I have dined-and-dashed
231 votes
No, I have never dined-and-dashed
2,569 votes
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