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In a continuous effort to reduce our carbon footprint, an easy foray into sustainability remains the reduction of plastic straws, as the U.S. alone throws away roughly 500 million of them a year. Some mainstream replacements include cardboard straws — already out of the public’s favor because a soggy vessel isn’t ideal — and metal straws, which are beginning to get flack for their non-eco-friendly production and the potential danger they pose to people with disabilities who rely on straws. This is where bucatini pasta ― or a slightly bigger version of it, more like a long ziti ― comes into play. Bucatini has long been the favored child of the pasta world, and with its durable, tubular shape, it’s perfect for catching every bit of sauce.

1. If plastic straws are banned, would you rather use a paper straw or a pasta straw?

Paper Straw
1,444 votes
Pasta Straw
958 votes
Not Applicable
598 votes
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