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Results: Cheerios Interracial Commercial

Published on 06/04/2013
By: Tellwut
Food & Drink
A new commercial for Cheerios cereal showcasing an interracial family has generated a lot of controversy. Due to all of the negative comments, Cheerios had to disable the comments on their YouTube channel as many expressed racist and bigoted statements.
Have you seen this new Cheerios commercial?
Yes, I have seen this Cheerios commercial
2096 votes
No, I have not seen this Cheerios commercial
2478 votes
What are your thoughts when you see this commercial? (Check all that apply)
Interracial couples should not be on TV
245 votes
Nice family
2129 votes
Cute commercial
2300 votes
Cute girl
2215 votes
Cheerios are a healthy option
1965 votes
152 votes
Other (please specify)
287 votes
Other Answers Percentage Votes
n/a 0.44% 41
0.42% 39
na 0.37% 34
havent seen it 0.04% 4
have not seen it 0.04% 4
nothing 0.03% 3
none 0.03% 3
don't care 0.03% 3
who cares? 0.02% 2
not seen 0.02% 2
no opinion 0.02% 2
didn't see 0.02% 2
who cares 0.02% 2
never seen 0.02% 2
not sure 0.02% 2
i don't care. 0.02% 2
i honestly didnt really even notice the interracial family. its childish of the people who see interracial family or marriage in a negative light 0.01% 1
b 0.01% 1
that's something my daughter would have done when she was little 0.01% 1
didn't notice anything unusual about it until i saw the news story about it 0.01% 1
idc 0.01% 1
haven't seen it 0.01% 1
do not watch streaming videos, but i'm pretty offended that people are still offended by crap like this. 0.01% 1
i want to eat cheerios 0.01% 1
i could not view the commercial. it is unfortunate that our society still has such a reaction to something like interracial families that is becoming more and more common place as time passes. 0.01% 1
better than two gay men 0.01% 1
dicey 0.01% 1
too sacharine. it annoys me for that reason alone. 0.01% 1
i can't believe in this day and age ,we are taking a survey about everyone's god given right. i am a biracial perso, aand i feel hurt and pain that after so many years, people are still hateful and we are givingtthem a forum to continue their hate. 0.01% 1
the people that are against this are racist and discriminating! 0.01% 1
it is just a commercial. people over react to everything and anything 0.01% 1
incredibly sweet - what a loving daughter to want to keep her daddy healthy. 0.01% 1
did not see it 0.01% 1
nothing, just a stupid commercial. 0.01% 1
never saw it 0.01% 1
i love that they did this, it's about time. 0.01% 1
the family reflects the fact that there are interracial couples with kids, and that is great!!! 0.01% 1
k 0.01% 1
have not seen 0.01% 1
didnt see 0.01% 1
it a great commercial that advertises cheerios and i think it's good for familys cause the humer in it 0.01% 1
made me smile 0.01% 1
now, i think the girl is a little old to think pouring the cereal on the dad would work 0.01% 1
i am a filipina chinese married to a german, english, early american(second wave) scottish canadian born in lakewood, ohio 0.01% 1
pushing a point 0.01% 1
i dont think its anything wrong with it 0.01% 1
didn't think about it 0.01% 1
no comment 0.01% 1
havent seen 0.01% 1
pusing mixed couples on viewers to get us used to them more,just like seeing gay's in just about every tv show. 0.01% 1
nothing negative or racial about this commerical at all 0.01% 1
get over yourself - it's sweet 0.01% 1
yay, diversity in media 0.01% 1
.haven't seen it 0.01% 1
don't like it 0.01% 1
weird 0.01% 1
-why are peep so concerned about peeps personal lives 0.01% 1
i saw the commercial and until i saw this survey never noticed it was an interracial family. i guess i am just not observant enough, or something. 0.01% 1
nc 0.01% 1
no thoughts - haven't seen it 0.01% 1
s 0.01% 1
i could care less 0.01% 1
i haven't seen this 0.01% 1
no real opinion 0.01% 1
obviously trying to push the interracial thing 0.01% 1
beautiful family 0.01% 1
didn't see the commercial 0.01% 1
i am amazed this is even an issue. it's normal. 0.01% 1
didn't think about it. 0.01% 1
didnt watch 0.01% 1
the people who complain about this commercial are obviously the racists. they should have their citizenship revoked. 0.01% 1
did not view 0.01% 1
first time not sure 0.01% 1
what's wrong with representing all of the cultures that make up the usa??? 0.01% 1
cant' see it 0.01% 1
i havnt seen this cheerios ad 0.01% 1
it's a commercial...who cares? 0.01% 1
undecided 0.01% 1
i have not seen this commercicial before. 0.01% 1
it's great. free country, people! 0.01% 1
did not see 0.01% 1
no thoughts 0.01% 1
people need to grow up...there are really interracial families in the world so this commercial is totally appropriate. 0.01% 1
an inordinate number of couples in tv commercials lately are interracial. 0.01% 1
havent seen it yet 0.01% 1
interracial families are getting more common, so what? 0.01% 1
kids are overused in commercials 0.01% 1
haven't seen the commercial 0.01% 1
i have not seen this commercial 0.01% 1
dont care for it but not only because of people - it is just not interesting 0.01% 1
didn't watch 0.01% 1
not seen it 0.01% 1
time for a bathroom break! 0.01% 1
lazy 0.01% 1
kids should not be in commercials, so annoying they make me hate the brands that use them. who cares about races, the kids are the issue 0.01% 1
love it! cute commercial. skin color should not matter, it's still a cute ad. 0.01% 1
very wrong for either ethnicity to save negative comments, should be ashamed of yourselves!!!! 0.01% 1
nice that they have an interracial family, but overall don't care about it 0.01% 1
n/a i don't watch tv 0.01% 1
it is a true reflection of family in us, sad that people still so backward in their views of race and family 0.01% 1
didn't see it 0.01% 1
the child should not dump cheeriors on a person 0.01% 1
i was happy to see a bi-ethnic couple with a child! 0.01% 1
the girl is not half elephant, they are all one species. 0.01% 1
hot mom 0.01% 1
it's about time we start viewing some interracial relationships which are normal!!! 0.01% 1
people need to calm down and be open. you live in north america. get over it and don't be ridiculous. 0.01% 1
haven't seen it. 0.01% 1
interracial couple -- big deal, so what. 0.01% 1
chheerios is trying to hard, and the commercial seems forced. this along with an unusual sight on tv which becomes uncomfortable; not due to racism rather, unfamiliarity. 0.01% 1
. 0.01% 1
cheerio's are bullshit. 0.01% 1
it is based on reality but still a leap for tv 0.01% 1
not sure...the content is fine, the product is great but i'm from an older generation where interracial couples are the exception not the rule. 0.01% 1
commenters are simply trolling for a reaction. 0.01% 1
children should not be in commercials 0.01% 1
have no seen it 0.01% 1
not seem it 0.01% 1
doh! 0.01% 1
niggas in paris 0.01% 1
about time! 0.01% 1
two thumbs up. 0.01% 1
am i suppose to notice something? lol gosh 0.01% 1
would be cute commercial, but little girl is terrible actress 0.01% 1
commercial is on, time to find a snack/get coffee 0.01% 1
i didn't even notice it was an interracial family until it was brought to my attention via internet. what the heck is wrong with you people, its 2013. we are past this. 0.01% 1
seemed inappropriate 0.01% 1
it was bound to happen sooner or later i was a little shocked i have to say 0.01% 1
sometimes in drama class in high school some of the students had to act like the children of the other students characters. 0.01% 1
if you're offended by this you're a moron. we don't live in the 1800s, interracial relationships are a part of life, get over it. 0.01% 1
i am white and my husband is black. our 3 boys are biracial. i think it's wonderful that cheerios is taking a step in the right direction by recognizing interracial families. i smiled when i saw this commercial for the first time. kudos to cheerios! 0.01% 1
funny to see the father with a cheerios heart 0.01% 1
didnt care 0.01% 1
people should stop thinking everything is racist! 0.01% 1
i dont see anything wrong with it. none of these options appeal to me 0.01% 1
i see nothing wrong with the commercial 0.01% 1
i believe that with how many interracial couples there are out there it is appropriate to have interracial families in the public eye. in this way i think it will help to disperse racism by making these types of commercials the norm. 0.01% 1
it's a stupid question 0.01% 1
waste of cheerios 0.01% 1
lol black people all have hypertension 0.01% 1
i have not seen this commercial, however, a family is a family no matter what colors are in it! 0.01% 1
cats! 0.01% 1
i have not see 0.01% 1
who cares, they look like a lot of families 0.01% 1
it's just a commercial 0.01% 1
i've heard it can cause problems for a child with mixed race parents. 0.01% 1
bigots would be offended 0.01% 1
didnt see it 0.01% 1
didnt even realize it was a interracial couple till someone pointed it out 0.01% 1
tells young people its okay to mix 0.01% 1
it seemed strange to see an interracial couple on a commercial 0.01% 1
interacial couples are a change of the times...against my religion but to each is own. 0.01% 1
the mother's dialogue towards her child seems too intense. 0.01% 1
its about damn time 0.01% 1
i have not seen the video 0.01% 1
i don't see a problem 0.01% 1
Does this commercial make you feel uncomfortable?
Yes, this commercial makes me feel uncomfortable
429 votes
No, this commercial does not make me feel uncomfortable
4145 votes
Do you think that people are overreacting about this commercial?
Yes, I think people are overreacting about this commercial. There is nothing wrong with it and interracial families are becoming more common in society.
3364 votes
No, I do not think people are overreacting about this commercial. Families of a different race should not be portrayed in commercials.
475 votes
I am undecided
663 votes
Other (please specify)
72 votes
Other Answers Percentage Votes
0.33% 15
n/a 0.24% 11
na 0.15% 7
both sides are overreacting to the commercial. cheerios specifically chose the interracial family to make a political statement. 0.02% 1
yes its a shame we have to acept gay couples but not mixed? this world is too much 0.02% 1
yes, people are overreacting. it's about damn time, anyway! 0.02% 1
cherriors thrown on a person is overreacting 0.02% 1
i find the commercial distasteful. the woman seems out of place. 0.02% 1
it is unrealistic. black fathers are absent, more often than not. 0.02% 1
what are people overreacting about? 0.02% 1
there's nothing wrong with the commercial but people are entitled to their opinion and should not be forced to conform with the majority. same -sex marriage and homosexuality. i should be entitled to my own opinion 0.02% 1
what's the hoopla about? 0.02% 1
niggas in paris 0.02% 1
why anyone is against this is beond rediculus... -.- 0.02% 1
i think that there are entirely too many people comfortable with racism 0.02% 1
my response to people being racist would be "get an education,come out of your ignorance !" 0.02% 1
cats! 0.02% 1
i do not know anything about peoples reactions to this commercial 0.02% 1
people are stupid 0.02% 1
didnt see it 0.02% 1
its life! 0.02% 1
i have not seen the video. 0.02% 1
the first answer..... people are f-ing morons. 0.02% 1
the fact that this is even being discussed should tell you something 0.02% 1
yes, i think people are overreacting about this commercial however, i don't agree with interracial relationships dspite that they are becoming more common. 0.02% 1
i have heard of no reaction to this commercial 0.02% 1
gee, if we're going to judge each other by our skin, let's gawk at couples who have different colour hair, or eyes. sheesh! 0.02% 1
it's called reality. this is going on in everyday life. 0.02% 1
i think people who hate this way, better seek god. they need help. they need help. maybe the klan is still alive. you are giving them a forum to hate. god help these people. there are no superior people, although many have tried. 0.02% 1
people need to get over it; and to mind their own business. nothing wrong with this. alot more important issues to worry about! 0.02% 1
haven't seen do not know 0.02% 1
don't care 0.02% 1
there are black-white in church, guess what we call them? 0.02% 1
i believe there is still predjudice in our society and i believe it is wrong. 0.02% 1
... 0.02% 1
do not know about what others do think. 0.02% 1
everyone has their own views 0.02% 1
haven't seen it 0.02% 1
i appreciate that interracial couples are on tv to depict reality now 0.02% 1
if you don't like it turn it off, my husband is of mixed race as are my children, i find it offensive that there aren't more interracial families on tv. it's 2013 for heavens sake get over your fear and ignorance people! 0.02% 1
have not seen 0.02% 1
it's not called "overreacting", it's called "being a racist" and "trying to force every to conform to your personal morals". 0.02% 1
Do you think that Cheerios should have disabled the comments on their YouTube Channel?
Yes, it is best that they disabled comments in order to prevent further negative and racist comments to be made
2128 votes
No, it is unnecessary that Cheerios disabled the comments from being shown and made on their channel
1383 votes
I am undecided
1063 votes
Should this commercial be removed from YouTube if it continues to receive a lot of negative attention?
627 votes
3043 votes
904 votes
Do you eat Cheerios cereal?
Yes, I eat Cheerios cereal
3283 votes
No, I do not eat Cheerios cereal
1291 votes