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  • 1. Have you seen this new Cheerios commercial?
    • Yes, I have seen this Cheerios commercial
      46% 2,096 votes
    • No, I have not seen this Cheerios commercial
      54% 2,478 votes
  • 2. What are your thoughts when you see this commercial? (Check all that apply)
    • Interracial couples should not be on TV
      5% 245 votes
    • Nice family
      47% 2,129 votes
    • Cute commercial
      50% 2,300 votes
    • Cute girl
      48% 2,215 votes
    • Cheerios are a healthy option
      43% 1,965 votes
    • Offensive
      3% 152 votes
    • Other (please specify)
      6% 287 votes
  • 3. Does this commercial make you feel uncomfortable?
    • Yes, this commercial makes me feel uncomfortable
      9% 429 votes
    • No, this commercial does not make me feel uncomfortable
      91% 4,145 votes
  • 4. Do you think that people are overreacting about this commercial?
    • Yes, I think people are overreacting about this commercial. There is nothing wrong with it and interracial families are becoming more common in society.
      74% 3,364 votes
    • No, I do not think people are overreacting about this commercial. Families of a different race should not be portrayed in commercials.
      10% 475 votes
    • I am undecided
      14% 663 votes
    • Other (please specify)
      2% 72 votes
  • 5. Do you think that Cheerios should have disabled the comments on their YouTube Channel?
    • Yes, it is best that they disabled comments in order to prevent further negative and racist comments to be made
      47% 2,128 votes
    • No, it is unnecessary that Cheerios disabled the comments from being shown and made on their channel
      30% 1,383 votes
    • I am undecided
      23% 1,063 votes
  • 6. Should this commercial be removed from YouTube if it continues to receive a lot of negative attention?
    • Yes
      14% 627 votes
    • No
      67% 3,043 votes
    • Undecided
      20% 904 votes
  • 7. Do you eat Cheerios cereal?
    • Yes, I eat Cheerios cereal
      72% 3,283 votes
    • No, I do not eat Cheerios cereal
      28% 1,291 votes

06/04/2013 Food & Drink 71


  • mammawtrayner profile photo
    I can't see anything negative about this. Hard to believe anyone did.
    over 3 years
  • theregularhuman profile photo
    I can't believe anyone has any thing negative to say about this. Mind blown. There are interracial families all around the world, so what if tv portrays actual reality. It's beautiful. There should be more commercials like this.
    over 3 years
  • niajhabenson profile photo
    If this wasn't an issue I would have only seen a cute commercial. I'm black and my husband is white and we have a beautiful 2 year old daughter who brings nothing but smiles to people's faces every single day. I will not apologize for that at all, and I applaud cheerios for REFUSING to take this commercial down. 2013 and racism is still making controversy? get over it, there's a whole cocktail of people out there.
    over 3 years
  • mtlgirl71 profile photo
    I never saw the commercial before now. It's a cute commercial, and absolutely nothing is wrong with an interracial family being shown on tv. It is the 21st century, why is race still an issue for some people?
    over 3 years
  • juhlin profile photo
    I cannot begin to imagine what all the fuss was about, or why they would even consider removing the commercial because of the comments of a few bigots.
    over 3 years
  • aprilmmt profile photo
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with commercial. What is wrong is the fact that racism and bigotry still exist. Cherrios needs to stand behind their commercial and not let the ignorance of others stop them from showing the commercial. if they do, then the bigots win. For every racist there are those who are not. They are just not responding to the commercial because they see nothing offensive with it. Disable the comments and keep playing the commercial is my opinion. Don't let racism win!
    over 3 years
  • MariKen profile photo
    In this day & age why is this even an issue? In the 21st century interracial families are more common then Cheerios varieties anyway. Would this had been an issue if the couple were gay??
    over 3 years
  • Lvscott profile photo
    I saw the commercial and thought it was odd the girl was mixed and the mother was white, but figured the kid was adopted. Then when I saw the father it made perfect sense. We have the perverts making gay marriage legal with no problem and they are complaining about this commercial like it is the 1950s.
    over 3 years
  • bcsub profile photo
    Oh for goodness sake. I saw the commercial and didn't even notice that it was an interracial couple. Who cares?? Bigots need to get a real hobby and MYOB.
    over 3 years
  • concordnh03301 profile photo
    New black Americans get free rent free TV's free computers free beds free couches oh almost forgot free Toyota cars.
    over 3 years
  • wicked1 profile photo
    I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with the commercial. There will always be ignorant a** people in the world...color shouldn't matter, but for some a**holes that's all that matters. Get over it. And Cheerios should be ashamed of themselves...the bowed down to ignorance.
    over 3 years
  • lolloveyou profile photo
    I think it's cute the couple is cute the little girl is adorable cheerios needs to stand their ground and stand up in what they believe and put this commercial back on the air!
    over 3 years
  • Asdisir profile photo
    I didn't even have conscious awareness it was an interracial family. When I heard about the brouhaha online, I thought "wow, am I supposed to be upset that I didn't even notice?" It's just so common in the big cities in California it's nothing to really take notice of in the first place, I guess.
    over 3 years
  • sb7860 profile photo
    im tired of black guy white girl ads etc being shoved down our throats,ENOUGH
    over 3 years
  • iblobar profile photo
    And this is f-in America,,,when one doesnot show their face,their 'real' selfs come out. Who is writing other peoples book?? Judgemental jerks r the only ones who don't care to change or accept 'real' life!!
    over 3 years
  • ninji profile photo
    And human race has supposedly evolved.
    over 3 years
  • conniebun profile photo
    who cares,i don't even buy Cherrios
    over 3 years
  • billfantom profile photo
    Nowhere does it say they are a couple....... poeple are assuming this. they are reading to much into this.
    over 3 years
  • drewys profile photo
    surely where not living in the melting pot called america right?! ;)
    over 3 years
  • TSP1973 profile photo
    Of course the Liberal Media has been portraying it as all white people making the racist comments, but I read a lot of the comments and they were from both white and black people.
    over 3 years
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