Results for - Over the years there's been many questions, doctors, tests of all kinds, no answers. Hot/cold sweats, chronic pain, throwing up at times, developed red spots all over my body. Seen different types of doctors. Family doctor, cardiologist, even a oncologist

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1. After seeing many doctors and having many tests done (even a biopsy of one of the red spots on my arm) I was eventually told the red spots were my small blood vessels are popping/breaking but it really wasn't a big deal and gave me a steroid cream and sent me on my way. It stopped for awhile, then it started back up. Back to doctors and more tests. Now Different doctors have told me it's a few different things but all end in "I don't know." Have you ever had different doctors tell you different things about the same health issue your having?

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2. Considering having to wait to get into seeing the doctors and getting tests done such as MRI's and bloodwork, how long is to long to be dealing with health issues and not getting any answers?

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3. At the same time I have developed this very bad pain in my lower back, legs, and feet. After standing or walking for about 5 mins I need to sit down. I now have to use a cane and walker with a seat. I still keep getting the "i don't know" from all the doctors. I don't know if the 2 issues have anything to do with each other. Have you ever had 2 or more health issues at the same time that had nothing to do with each other?

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