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Results: Ottawa's plan to track ill effects of natural health products caught industry 'off guard'

Published on 05/26/2023
By: Tellwut
Health & Fitness
A new plan to force hospitals to report adverse effects of “natural health products” such as herbal remedies and supplements has come as a surprise to manufacturers, who say they were blindsided by the proposed change. The federal government included the plan in the 2023 budget bill, which is still making its way through the House of Commons. It would see natural health products fall under the same category as pharmaceuticals when it comes to how they are monitored once they are on the market. Putting natural health products under that framework would require hospitals to report on any unintended consequences associated with them, so that Health Canada can recall them or order fixes if necessary. The provisions had been discussed before, said Aaron Skelton, president of the Canadian Health Food Association. Skelton argued manufacturers are already responsible for reporting any ill effects associated with their products, and Health Canada already has the power to stop sales and seize products. -Global News