Results for - Fast Food chains are no longer allowed to give away toys with children's meals in San Francisco. What is your opinion? Take the survey

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  • Do you agree with this new city ordinance in San Francisco?
    1. Do you agree with this new city ordinance in San Francisco?
    • Yes
      28% 132 votes
    • No
      51% 240 votes
    • Undecided
      20% 95 votes
  • 2. Would you like to see other cities adopt this type of approach?
    • Yes
      27% 127 votes
    • No
      53% 246 votes
    • Undecided
      20% 94 votes
  • 3. Should all food have to be healthy, by law?
    • Yes
      43% 202 votes
    • No
      57% 265 votes
  • 4. Do you know how many calories your children eat in a day?
    • Yes
      29% 136 votes
    • No
      71% 331 votes
  • 5. Do fast food restaurants have an obligation to offer healthy children's meals?
    • Yes
      64% 298 votes
    • No
      36% 169 votes
  • 6. Should nutrition, diet and health be taught in schools?
    • Yes
      79% 370 votes
    • No
      21% 97 votes
  • 7. Which of the following countries is not in the top ten most obese in the world?
    • Mexico
      26% 121 votes
    • United Kingdom
      18% 82 votes
    • Greece
      9% 43 votes
    • Hungary
      6% 27 votes
    • New Zealand
      14% 67 votes
    • Slovakia
      13% 63 votes
    • Canada
      14% 64 votes

12/01/2011 Health & Fitness 9


  • herappleness profile photo
    So what is the answer to the question on which country isn't on the fat list?!
    over 4 years
  • petite2760 profile photo
    It all starts when they're young!
    over 4 years
  • maggie profile photo
    It should be mandatory by Law if not already to have a level of Healthy Food Standards where ever food is served or sold.
    over 4 years
  • Sophia1957 profile photo
    I am a firm believer in proper nutrition.You must read everything!
    over 4 years
  • mytellwut profile photo
    i think parents should teach their children about eathing healthy
    over 4 years
  • mytellwut profile photo
    i think all chains of restuarants should serve healthy food
    over 4 years
  • froggy profile photo
    u dont eat the toy
    over 4 years
  • hotrodmommycharle profile photo
    Ok now i have to say something here why have a happy meal at mc d's or a kids club at buger king, or whatever subway and sonic have or any other place that dose or use to? I mean the toys is the only reason why ur kids eat there anyways. :P Just like my local mc d's they have apple fries and french fries but you only get a tiny amount of fries I think they should have kept with the same limit only add the apples. The toy is what makes a happy meal anyways. I dont think that places like these need to serve happy healthy food. The world got on this kick but you know I dont think obse is even from eatting, I mean you could be a 21 year old healthy active skinny boy or girl but have dieabties. You could have a child that was born at 6lbs and then be about 3 years old you have done all the right stuff you have made sure he gets outside and plays you have feed him healthy but there could be something wrong with him or her cancer,obse,disease, dieabties or whatever. So if mc d's is all u let ur child eat say once a month for a treat because of the unhealthy then that should be ur choice not the worlds. with the school age thing I dont think it needs to be taught i think parents should teach it and only when they want or they think the child is ready for such a thing on treat day they shouldnt have to bring a un open box to school they should be able to bring what ever you want to.
    over 4 years
  • iris profile photo
    enter text...
    over 4 years