Dental Floss

Did you know the first mass-produced dental floss was introduced in 1882 and was made of real silk?

You can use dental floss for many different things. Have you tried using it to hang lightweight frames? (double or triple the floss for extra strength.

A piece of unflavored dental floss can cut through soft foods like cake, cheese or a roll of cookie dough without smooshing the surface. Wrap each end of the floss around your fingers and keeping it taut, press down through the item. Will you try this?

Do you feed the birds? Here's how to make a tasty garland. Thread a needle with unflavored waxed floss and string popcorn, cereal or dried fruit onto it, then hang from a tree.

Have you ever had to separate stuck-on photos from the pages of an old album or the glass of a frame? Gently move a length of dental floss in a saw-like motion between the two.

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