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1. My doctor asked me to get some bloodwork done but since I'm uninsured I said I couldn't afford it. That's when she told me about the labs inside many Walgreen's pharmacies. I paid $30 for what most testing facilities charge $300. Did you know about Walgreen's testing facilities and their affordable pricing?

159 votes
1,522 votes

2. Another way to save is to buy generic brands, especially when it comes to over the counter remedies. Do you buy generics in order to save money?

I always buy generics
743 votes
I prefer name brands
208 votes
I buy a combination of both
730 votes

3. One way to save on medical expenses for minor ailments is to look up some natural remedies. For instance, ginger capsules are very cheap and help a lot with joint pain and inflammation. Do you ever treat yourself or a family member with home remedies when it involves a minor ailment or injury?

Of course I treat myself before shelling out the money for a doctor
576 votes
I always go to the doctor
414 votes
I'll try home remedies for myself but not for other family members
301 votes
Everyone in my household gets treatment at home before resorting to professional medical treatment.
390 votes

4. Are you going to check out the in-store labs at Walgreen's?

Heck no, my insurance pays for everything so why should I care?
338 votes
Sure, anything to save a buck!
598 votes
I don't know, I'll have to think about it or ask my doctor's opinion.
769 votes
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