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1. Last month I bought some pansies and planted them in several large flower pots outside my front door. A few days later I noticed a lot of the flowers had been cut off and were sitting on the ground next to the pots, I was left with just the stalks. The flowers bloomed again and the same thing happened. It was quite a mystery as I know my neighbors wouldn't have done it. Have you ever had this happen?

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2. Today my mystery was solved, I just happened to be looking out of the window and saw several quail pecking the flowers off, discarding them and then eating the leaves. Have you ever had quail destroy your plants?

Yes, I have noticed quail destroying my plants.
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No, we don't have quail where I live.
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3. I don't want to give up on the flowers and was trying to think of a way to protect them, putting stakes into the pots came to mind but I don't want to hurt the quail. If you have any suggestions please mention them in the comments. Here are a few pansy facts, check the ones you know.

They have flowers that resemble faces.
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The blooms come in a wide range of colors and consist of a pair of upper petals and a larger lower petal.
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The name Pansy comes from the French word pensee which means thought or rememberance in the language of flowers.
150 votes
During the 19th century they were commonly used in 'love potions'.
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Persian cats are sometimes called the 'flower' of cat breeds because of their pansy like faces.
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I knew all of these.
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I knew none of these.
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