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360Kids, in York region, north of Toronto has partnered with UK-based Depaul Charity to be the first Nightstop provider in North America, offering screened and trained volunteers with a spare bed to young people with nowhere else to go. The idea is to give homeless youth a safe, warm and welcoming place to temporarily stay, and get them off the streets and out of over crowded shelters. Is this the first you have heard of this program?

1. The project has been a success in England. It's been in operation there for more than 30 years and now offers 630 homes across the UK. In 2015, those homes provided 13,500 "safe sleeps" to young people. Each youth spends an average seven to eight nights at a Nightstop while the agency works with them to find long-term solutions to their housing troubles. Do you think this could be a success here in North America?

Of course
420 votes
726 votes
Doubtful it can be
339 votes
215 votes

2. The use of spare rooms in a positive environment makes a huge difference to young people in crisis, says Lesley Sims, 360Kids director of resource development. "It allows them to feel safe and cared for while receiving the continued support of services 360Kids provides." Just because these kids are homeless, they are not bad kids, she continues. Often they are homeless due to nothing they have done. Would you be willing to provide a bed or room for a homeless youth, if you were in the position to do so?

Yes without a doubt
232 votes
Yes, but cautiously
538 votes
Not sure
616 votes
314 votes

3. Both the youth and the home and family they will be staying in undergo extensive background searches and evaluation to ensure the situation is safe for everyone involved. And the youth involved would still be receiving the ongoing support of 360Kids services. Do you think this could possibly be implemented in other communities across Canada and the States?

Yes, I think it's a wonderful solution to the homeless youth problem
564 votes
Yes, but for other reasons
143 votes
Not sure
779 votes
Don't like the idea at all
207 votes
Other (please specify)
7 votes
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