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President Donald Trump has made an executive order to ban citizens from seven countries from entering the United States for the next 90 days. Refugees are also suspended from entering the US for 120 days. The countries banned include: Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and Sudan. Many critics of this executive order claim that it is "a Muslim ban."

1. Are you familiar with this news story?

Yes, I am familiar with this news story
2,100 votes
No, I am not familiar with this news story
600 votes

2. Do you consider this to be a ban on muslims?

Yes, I consider this executive order to be a "ban on muslims"
1,272 votes
No, I do not consider this executive order to be a "ban on muslims"
810 votes
Not sure
618 votes

3. Do you support Trump's executive order to ban seven Muslim-majority countries (130 million people) from entering the United States?

I agree with this executive order
1,036 votes
I do not support this executive order
1,080 votes
Not sure
584 votes
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