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1. Housing applications run a credit history along with a background check, how long do you think they should be able to go back?

one year
289 votes
two years
386 votes
five years
851 votes
ten years
481 votes
Other (please specify)
93 votes
Housing apps go back ten years while credit is only 7 years
  • Ok
  • wow didnt know this
  • terrible

2. If a person has no recent criminal activity and there are no evictions on record with notable recent rental history to back them up, should they still be denied housing?

266 votes
1,835 votes
Most people applying for housing are convicted of non-violent crimes and show good work and rental history
  • Ok
  • criminals dont always do bad ...... lots (im sure) are up todate on thier bills
  • No evictions and recent rental history doesn't mean they will always pay rent on time and doesn't mean they will not damage your rental.

3. Do you think this is form or discrimination, profiling, or stereotyping when it comes to denying another human being housing if they are adequately able to pay for that housing?

948 votes
976 votes
760 votes
Please explain your answer why you think so?
  • none of the three
  • n/a
  • What if I dont know all the pertinent circumstances of any particular case and don't think it's any of the above options?!

4. When a person commits a crime and is found guilty in a court of law and sentenced punishment for that crime and completes the punishment as ordered to do so, has the debt to society been paid?

1,470 votes
631 votes
Explian your answer
  • I only answered No because that person may not ahve paid the monetary and/or other court-ordered restitution s/he owes the person whose rights s/he criminally violated.
  • they should understand the depth of their crime
  • That's legally how it works

5. If your answer is no, then why do we have written laws governing the minimum and maximum sentences allowed for a certain crime, but yet we do not think the debt is paid back? Is this a form of doubt in our laws that govern our country that we shout yes put them in prison or rehab because our sytems will rehabilitate them.

891 votes
1,210 votes
Explain why you think this is doubt in our laws?
  • i've already explained the reason for my No answer above.
  • not all criminals can understand the impact of their crimes
  • Because sometimes people aren't punished enough or at all, and sometimes people are wrongfully punished.

6. If your answer was yes that their debt to society for their crime was paid for, then is it fair that we still punish these people by refusing housing and certain jobs (as long as it didn't pertain to the crime committed. i.e. child porn for daycare worker, etc.)

566 votes
1,535 votes
Please explain your answer
  • Hey!, this is already the sixth question.
  • we should offer a alternative to mainstream accommodations
  • That's legally how it works

7. If an African American guy with no kids or wife with stable, reliable, valid income applies for an apartment as well as a hispanic woman with three children and no husband and a caucasian male with no job and no liable income on record, all apply for an apartment and the caucasian gets the apartment is this discrimination?

1,201 votes
900 votes
Please explain your answer
  • the caucasian has no proof they can pay for their housing
  • The woman with kids should be first to be considered.
  • It should go by the best one for the apartment not race

8. If a Hispanic male with a history of alcohol abuse, spousal abuse with current CPS case pending for his two children, and an African American female with four children that are constantly left alone while she runs the block making drug sales, and a caucasian female with two years of verifiable good rental history, along three years of reliable, valid employment but has a felony charge that has been completed for over 6 years for shoplifting all apply for an apartment is this discrimination when the hispanic male gets the apartment?

694 votes
520 votes
887 votes
Please explain your answer
  • You've an undecided ioption for this question, but not the previous one?!
  • both are not suitable
  • She paid her debt

9. If a job or housing application is not allowed to ask if you are male or female due to recent discrimination orders because it felt like it was discriminating against gay, bisexual, transgender people, but it is okay to ask a person about criminal history and judge them on that because they are considered a felon. Is this really fair?

697 votes
1,404 votes
Please explain your answer
  • criminals should be held more seriously
  • The only thing that should be considered is ability to pay, current 1 year) criminal history, need, credit, and reference
  • Some people that have committed crimes are reoffenders. If that person is a sex offender you definitely what to know
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