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My car was recently stolen, at what my assailant feigned as knife point,

1. I was making a trip to have a long-overdue lunch with a friend/editor and do a bit of grocery shopping for a meal at my church. On the way from the grocer to the restaurant where we were to eat, I noticed a Mexican eatery with signage announcing that the place serves a beverage I enjoy but hadn't had in years: champurrado. It's a kind of cormeal-thickened hot chocolate made with anise and other flavors. Is champurrado something you've enjoyed, or do you think you would enjoy it?

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1,739 votes
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2. After getting my drink (at a steal of a price,) as I was getting into my car, with the cupin my good right hand and my key fob in disabled left one, a disheveleved-looking stranger came up from behind me, first asking me for a ride, then immediately thereafter demanding I give him my car key. Since the fob was in my weaker hand, it was easy enough to relent and let him have it,. That my assailant made motions under his grubby white T-shirt in imitation of his having a knife with which he threatened to hurt me helped make up my mind. Within 20 seconds, he sped off in my car. What would you have done?

Exactly as you did, even though I'm not disabled as you are
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Exactly as you did, and I'm disabled as you are.
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I'd have forgotten about my drink and averted the perp's eye to the firearm I'm carrying...and do more with it if he persisted.
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I'd have forgottem about my drink and reached in my pocket for a cannister of pepper spray to shoot at the perp's eyes and nose.
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I'd have given the dude a ride and averted a potentially fatal armed confrontation (this may have worked for me were my car not filled with record albums I'd inherited from a friend who'd recetnly died, among other things).
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Other (please specify)
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3. One of the police officers dispatched in pretty short order after I'd called 911 informed me that the neighborhood I was in is notorious for prostitution; though I was told it wouldn't have any bearing on my case's trial, he had me assure him that I wasn't in the vicinity to procure sex. I had nor have any intention of being a john. A lady I know who lived for 30 years in this city and still keeps up with its news told me that the same 'hood is also notorious for child-trafficking, too, which sickens me. Have you ever been in a place you didn't know to be bad as it is until someone later told you?

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I really don't get out of my living space enough for the question to concern me.
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4. My assailant was apprehended less than an hour after the cops who interviewed me left the restaurant where I holed up-and had a fantastic cactus & mushroom tlayuda-but not before he 1)fit another guy into my car (dumping out my groceries and a few other items made room for the other joy[?])rider), and 2)crashed the Rakemobile so badly he bent its frame, thus making it irreparable. I was initially told I couldn't drive my car home because the perp' had flattened a tire; only until I visited the city impound lot did I see how badly he damaged it. Have you ever been given hope about a situation that turned out far worse than you/'d originally been informed it was?

Yes (and I may explain one such situation in a comment)
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No, not to my recollection
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5. It turns out that my 'jacker (about whom there's no doubt about his guilt, as a camera attatched to the elerctrical pole near where I parked captured the attack, and he apologized to his arresting officers for having, ahem, taken my car) was high on heroin at the time he 'jacked me. I didn't get a very good look at him during the assault, but I'd have thought him to be between five yerars my junior and five years my senior. He's actually about 15 years younger, but a VERY rough 15 years younger. I may not have found that out had I not pressed charges. When my case goes to court, I'd like to suggest to the judge that he not be sent to prison for his felony but instead be admitted to an addiction recovery program operated by my church's fellowship and let out for work release to pay me restitution. I don't want to hate him, but I do want justice and him off drugs (and, ideally, my brother in Christ). Do you think my plan for him has any chance of being implemented?

Yes, it seems reasonable and compassionate for a decent judge to go along with it.
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Don't hold your breath on it, but here's hoping for you.
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No, you shouldn't hold out hope on your desired outcome.
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Beats me./Don't care./Unsure
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Other (please specify)
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