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A new study is offering what it calls a rare look at the health and psychological impacts endured by Canadian youth who are not working, training or studying. The Statistics Canada research said 11.1 per cent of youth, aged 18 to 29 years old, found themselves in this situation and, therefore, were at risk of persistent social and economic challenges. The results were based on surveys of 13,270 participants between 2015 and 2017. These young people, the report said, were more likely to have poorer mental and physical health, suicidal thoughts and lower levels of life satisfaction.

1. Do you think that the youth today faces more socio-economic problems today compared to the youth of previous generation?

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728 votes
757 votes

2. Which of the following statements do you agree/disagree with?

Agree Disagree Undecided
Today's Youth face socio-economic problems due to globalization 37% (1197) 28% (900) 34% (1103)
Most of the youth are unemployed because lack of a competent education system 38% (1204) 38% (1208) 25% (788)
Most of the youth are unemployed because they are lazy 45% (1428) 32% (1032) 23% (740)
Most of the youth are unemployed because of the competition in the market 44% (1417) 30% (963) 26% (820)

3. If you are a youth (18-24 yrs) Which of the following is the best for you?

Working full time and studying part time
232 votes
Studying full time and working part time
260 votes
Working Part time and Studying part time
140 votes
Not Applicable
2,568 votes
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