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1. Here's guessing I'm not the only Tellwutter who once mistakenly thought the Vietnamese soup whose name is translated to English as "pho" is pronounced like foe," only later to learn that it's properly pronounced "fuh." Either way you say it, if you oppose fake, or at least bad, versions of that soup, I believe you'd be you'd be a faux pho foe. Do you enjoy sinking a spoon into a steamy bowl of pho?

327 votes
It depends on what's in it, how it's made...
380 votes
306 votes
I've never had pho.
1,187 votes

2. I've mentioned it in a comment under one survey here sometime ago, but there's at least one sentence in English comprised of the same word rendered five times consecutively, albeit with a couple of capitalizations: Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. That's to say, bison from a particular city in upstate New York fool peers in the same species from or in the same location. Buffalo buffalo may or may not buffalo other Buffalo buffalo, but have you ever buffaloed a buffalo, regardless the location?

Yes, (if you're answering truthfully, please comment on how you buffaloed any buffalo)
132 votes
Unsure (that would seem like a memorable instasnce of buffaloing, but I won't be one to argue your uncertainty)
413 votes
1,655 votes

3. Were you ever to have been acquainted with any of a couple types oxlike antelope of the genus Connochaetes in their newborn state, you could say you knew a new gnu. Whether new or not, have you ever known a gnu?

Yes (again, pleasse comment)
96 votes
Not that I recall
858 votes
No, I've never known a gnu, though I may have seen one in a zoo (and/or elsewhere).
1,246 votes
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