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Results: Eye Tracking External Surveys

Published on 04/12/2024
By: Tellwut
Eye-tracking technology helps observe and measure eye movements, pupil dilation, point of gaze, and blinking to see where subjects of a study focus their visual attention, what they engage with, and what they ignore.
Would you be comfortable participating in eye tracking external surveys? These would be desktop only and would require a webcam.
567 votes
1216 votes
265 votes
Not Applicable
252 votes
If you do not feel comfortable taking these types of surveys, why not? Please select all that apply.
These surveys are too intrusive
754 votes
I'm concerned with my privacy
871 votes
I wear glasses and they ask you to remove them for the study, so I cannot see the screen
491 votes
I'm afraid of my image being used without my consent
704 votes
Other (please specify)
100 votes
Not Applicable
748 votes
Other Answers Percentage Votes
0.41% 12
no webcam 0.34% 10
I don't have a webcam 0.17% 5
don't have camera 0.07% 2
don't have a webcam 0.03% 1
I don't have a built in web cam to do it. 0.03% 1
Don't have a webcam on my desktop 0.03% 1
I don't have a webcam and don't want one. 0.03% 1
too difficult for me to remain focused 0.03% 1
I hate thinking that they can spy on me 0.03% 1
i dont like how i look on webcam 0.03% 1
I don't have a web cam 0.03% 1
I don't have the required desktop computer. 0.03% 1
I do not own a webcam 0.03% 1
only have a laptop computer 0.03% 1
I don't have a desktop or web cam but I have a chrome book with a web cam. 0.03% 1
Do not have web cam 0.03% 1
Already have enough spyware!! 0.03% 1
web cam not connected 0.03% 1
too much bother with the webcam 0.03% 1
I dont have a webcam 0.03% 1
I work in private prison ministry and don't want my picture to the public 0.03% 1
my webcam doesn't work 0.03% 1
I don't let any one have control of my computer 0.03% 1
It's too hard to follow the dots. 0.03% 1
I only have a laptop, not a desktop 0.03% 1
not comfortable 0.03% 1
I don't have a webcam on my desktop. 0.03% 1
100% invasive 0.03% 1
burns 0.03% 1
just not interested 0.03% 1
Tellwut does not pay enough. 0.03% 1
I don't own a webcam. 0.03% 1
I don't think I have a a webcam. 0.03% 1
no web cam 0.03% 1
Unnecessary, just click on what you're looking at 0.03% 1
I already have so many vision problems I don't want to risk making them worse. 0.03% 1
Security concerns 0.03% 1
Sometimes it's hard to qualify for these surveys. Not all are easy to pass. 0.03% 1
they never work properly 0.03% 1
Why are you asking for these surveys on” eyes”- motives? 0.03% 1
I don’t use my laptop anymore 0.03% 1
tired eyes taking surveys in evening 0.03% 1
I am very tiny so I have to stand on something so the webcam picks up my face, very uncomfortable 0.03% 1
i don't have a web camera 0.03% 1
no webcam on my desktop 0.03% 1
I have an eye problem that creates problems for seeing complicated t hings so would not be able to participate 0.03% 1
i dont like using a webcam 0.03% 1
not worth the meager money which they woyuld "reward" 0.03% 1
it's creepy 0.03% 1
picking my nose 0.03% 1
They like the light level for the camera to be higher than the available light in the room. 0.03% 1
Don't have a webcam. 0.03% 1
they don't pay well enough 0.03% 1
Not interested in this 0.03% 1
I have heavy eyelids and nystagmus. I doubt they could see much eys, but if they could, the eye movements are involtunary and useless. 0.03% 1
no desktop computer, only laptop and tablet 0.03% 1
No camera on my desktop computer. 0.03% 1
Don't have a web cam 0.03% 1
Not interested 0.03% 1
I don't have (nor do I want) a webcam. 0.03% 1
there junk 0.03% 1
I don't have webcam 0.03% 1
If my face is recorded I want more than 50 cents for the video. 0.03% 1
I don't own nor do I have access to a webcam. 0.03% 1
Donot have a webcam and l would never do it anyway 0.03% 1
dont have a camera on cpu 0.03% 1
If the only thing being tracked in such surveys is my eyes' movement, I'm OK enough with them. 0.03% 1
Prefer not to 0.03% 1
Don’t have webcam.afraid it would hurt eyes. 0.03% 1
I don't have a web cam. 0.03% 1
no web camera 0.03% 1
If they want that kind of in depth research, these would need to be premium priced surveys. 0.03% 1
no camera 0.03% 1