Results for - 10 of the most annoying things that cause hold-ups in a store line. Which ones irk you the most?

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  • 10 of the most annoying things that cause hold-ups in a store line. Which ones irk you the most?
    1. 10 of the most annoying things that cause hold-ups in a store line. Which ones irk you the most?
    • Coupons presented by customer at the last minute, some of which have expired
      19% 762 votes
    • People waiting until after their item(s) have been rung in before pulling out their wallet to fish around for cash/cc
      24% 989 votes
    • People don’t have enough cash, so cashier has to start removing items
      24% 963 votes
    • People paying for their purchase in coins
      17% 679 votes
    • Price check requested
      25% 996 votes
    • Cashier and or customer who is overly chatty
      34% 1,358 votes
    • Staff standing around on a break while line-ups are long
      36% 1,467 votes
    • People splitting their purchase across a couple of cards/payment options
      11% 444 votes
    • People changing their mind on a purchase after it has been rung in
      18% 709 votes
    • People standing in the quick checkout with more than the allowed items
      34% 1,385 votes
    • N/A
      7% 274 votes
    • Other (please specify)
      3% 139 votes

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  • gingerino54 profile photo
    People who write checks(check isn't the problem, it's the people), are unprepared and take their sweet time. I don't use checks anymore, but when I did I would fill out the check entirely except for the amount and also have my license readily accessible-it's just common courtesy. Sometimes I really think that some people get some kind of passive-aggresive enjoyment and feed their immature ego by feeling that they are in charge, holding up a line, etc. The people that do these sorts of things are so inconsiderate with no regard for what might be going on in someone else's life.
    over 3 years
  • terazbox profile photo
    I get a bit irritated when the customer, who walks into the store knows that all of their change is loose and swirling around in the bottom of that HUGE 5 ft thing they call a purse. Then, knowing full-well that they are going to have to pull that change out at the time of checking out, they get up there, get their total and then - have to practically dump out the entire contents of that huge purse onto the counter and proceed to count out all of those pennies and nickels. I don't mind folks coming into the store to make a last-minute or impromptu purchase but, when you hold me, the cashier up as well as the customers behind you and - how come this seems to happen when the store is short-handed as well? Anyhow, if you've got that 500 pound, six-foot wide purse, please have the courtesy to dump all of your contents, kleenex, private stuff (and man, I've seen fun stuff) and loose change out - in your car - before you come into the store. It's less embarrassing for you and quicker, so that you can get in and out plus it is just more polite to everyone else - the cashier and all of those customers that you are holding up.
    over 3 years
  • albroom profile photo
    I don't have a problem when a person with more than 20 items is using the speedy checkout. If the cashier is okay with it and no one was waiting when they started checking out, it's not a problem. Especially if the cashier was standing around not checking anyone out. I don't appreciate someone getting all huffy and making snarky comments when they don't know the situation. There are so many people that just need to grow up, seriously. I try to be patient, whatever the case, because everyone deserves to be checked out, and if they choose to use coupons or have to use food stamps, more power to doesn't help anyone to have to deal with bad attitudes.
    over 3 years
  • wilson1 profile photo
    if you don't have the time maybe have someone else shop for you,i always take the time to make time so hangups don't really bug me
    over 3 years
  • retired4180 profile photo
    Have patience
    over 3 years
  • toodlebugs profile photo
    people who are on break are just that on break they should be away from the work area in the "Break Room"
    over 3 years
  • tlaquan profile photo
    i hate being behind someone that is getting thier wic checks done it takes forever and a day
    over 3 years
  • cindykeys profile photo
    i say much of nothing for we have to learn to have patience for very one like we want others to have patience for us i learned and thought about this.
    over 3 years
  • Spikeygrrl profile photo
    Food stamps take forever to ring through, which gives me plenty of time in line to fume about people using them on luxury items. Seriously, in whose moral universe is it OK to use food stamps to buy lobster, steak, premium ice cream...?
    over 3 years
  • Lona profile photo
    I just don't like when someone is being inconsiderate.
    over 3 years
  • Lona profile photo
    I don't mind being held up in most cases.
    over 3 years
  • brewguru profile photo
    I work in a small CoOp (grocery store) and the WORST is the folks who counter-shop - they come up to our small checkout counters with a couple of things, then turn around and say, "Oh, I have to get something else - can I just leave these here?" Meanwhile, there is no room for the customers behind to put their stuff down, or one person's items get rung in and bagged with someone else's...
    over 3 years
  • AnnieO profile photo
    I always break the "this isn't our job anymore" stuff. (AKA Do it yourself.) I agree with PsPups, you rush and rush til life's no fun.
    over 3 years
  • liberty61 profile photo
    I get irritated when people start a 10-15 minute conversation in line when people are waiting. being friendly is ok, but keep the conversations for another time. sometimes people have other appts. to make or are just having a hectic day and want to get their stuff and go home.
    over 3 years
  • PsPups profile photo
    I'm retired, so never in a hurry, think people need to take a breath and relax.
    over 3 years
  • ronniecoggins profile photo
    I use coupons a lot. If you don't then you have more than enough money. Give me some please! I always stay within the coupon policy of the particular store that I'm shopping at. What bothers me is when cashiers get snooty with you just because you're saving a lot of money. What? It's not like it's coming out of your paycheck!!! If you hate couponers so much, get a job at a gas station!
    over 3 years
  • santana9104 profile photo
    Most of them are annoying. All of you people out there who have 20 items in a ten, stop being stupid, count your basket. Don't be rude, let the person behind you with 2 things checkout first.
    over 3 years
  • thewiner2001 profile photo
    give the consumer more automated check machine for they belonging before trhougt out the casier, more effective
    over 3 years
  • mjestes profile photo
    People talking on a cell phone and holding everyone up! Come on people if it is not an emergency, call them back when you get to the parking lot. And don't stand in front of my Macaroni and Cheese chatting either. I am their to shop not to listen to your conversation. My time is not for you to control.
    over 3 years
  • thunderhawk profile photo
    There are lines 4 & 5 people long. 18 check outs and 2 check outs are being used!!!! At a super busy time of the day(:
    over 3 years
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