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  • Have you ever used a fire extinguisher?
    1. Have you ever used a fire extinguisher?
    • Yes
      37% 166 votes
    • No
      63% 286 votes
  • 2. How many smoke detectors do you have in your home?
    • None
      16% 73 votes
    • One
      29% 133 votes
    • Two
      27% 120 votes
    • Three or more
      28% 126 votes
  • 3. Do you change the batteries in your smoke detectors every time you change your clocks for Daylight Savings time? Like you're SUPPOSED to?
    • Yes
      44% 201 votes
    • No
      56% 251 votes
  • 4. Have you ever called 911?
    • Yes
      54% 246 votes
    • No
      46% 206 votes
  • 5. The children are safe...the pets are safe...what's the next thing you would try to save froma fire?
    Most Popular Answer | 6.19% | 28 votes

11/22/2011 Living 9


  • WeePebbles profile photo
    enter text...
    over 4 years
  • fogelks profile photo
    enter text...
    over 4 years
  • herappleness profile photo
    I respect the elements...i am terrified of fire
    over 4 years
  • maggie profile photo
    As sad as it is to see anyone have a fire and all the lost that go's with it, the most important thing to remember is as long as you and your pets survived LIFE REBUILDS>>>
    over 4 years
  • Sophia1957 profile photo
    Being a survivor of a house fire,I would say the wallet is 3RD.We went back in the following day to get my file folder with the insurance information!
    over 4 years
  • cisein profile photo
    I had a home burglery so not too much of value left. Photos I guess.
    over 4 years
  • hotrodmommycharle profile photo
    we had a fire angiesue43 and its not fun at all we lost everything they declared it a total loss only thing they did was make it to where the house was still standing so maybe we could save some things we saved like 2 things that was it everything else was ethier donated or its brand new and yes pictures are always missed at least some people had pictures. and at least i had pictures on facebook
    over 4 years
  • angiesue43 profile photo
    My parents lost almost everything they had in a fire a few years ago and pictures are always missed.
    over 4 years
  • mom profile photo
    enter text...
    over 4 years
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