Price haggling/bargaining – do you negotiate for the best price?

Do you haggle, bargain the price down?
Do you haggle, bargain the price down?
Where do you haggle/bargain?
Which of these tips have you used to bargain with?
If you don't bargain - why not?
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  • spawn9997 profile photo
    Mainly with the cable/phone company. If they don't give me a discount I can... but they always find a deal that is supposed to be 'only for new customers'.
    28 days
  • kaptaink profile photo
    Those afraid or wary of pursuing their inner bargaining powers, really ought to try to bust out of their shell at some point and give this a "go"! I think many would be surprised at how often a haggled-down price can be had, in just a little bit of effort were to be put forth in this regard. For years I never even attempted to bargain for a better price on anything I bought, but at one point I simply began doing this, and I was rather surprised at how effective my bargaining were, even though I was new to the process. Many situations warrant bargaining for a better price; though some do not, I will almost always try to negotiate for a lower price these days, especially for items where I'm buying in a face-to-face position. I almost always walk away with a lower price... at least 75% of the time, anyway. Heck, that's nothing to sneeze at. It is becoming a bit more difficult to bargain nowadays, because we're buying so many more times online, and there's simply no way to do this in many online purchasing instances. (Except for places like e-Bay, or other bidding sites, which I can't really count for the sake of this discussion, due to the nature of how items are bought.)
    6 months
  • tilleyboozey profile photo
    If I can get at better price, it is well worth it!!
    7 months
  • rmpolsf profile photo
    I price match at Walmart when i dont want to travel elsewhere for same product. I have a booth at a flea marketwith my handmade items and sometimes depending what it is i will lower the price if someone asks but i have had people try on hats and walk away and come back asking if i will take $10 for a $15 hat when if i had to purchase each color in that hat it would cost me that. I said no and someone came a couple days later bought it and said i wasn't charging enough. Or another lady had a bunch of items which she was saving on all ready and had the nerve to ask if i would take more off and handed me the money for change which would have been the amount it was originally. If it hadn't been my only sale that day i would have said no.
    8 months
  • Dolly profile photo
    Sometimes the best deal is just a quick bargain blitz of words away. Best to at least make the effort to try to get the best deal for your money. A little bit of haggle time never hurts.
    8 months
  • skillciaX profile photo
    You can haggle in retail stores with what is known as a "price match guarantee". Basically you find a lower price elsewhere and they match the price. I'd consider that haggling.
    8 months
  • clack05 profile photo
    Can you haggle in retail stores? I thought the price is what it says it is. If the employees cut you break then that's kind of stealing, right? The company sets the price not the employees.
    9 months
  • Aleha profile photo
    My son in law is quite the bargain her. I'm just not comfortable with it
    10 months
  • QueenIvina profile photo
    I want to promise myself to start bargaining!!
    about 1 year
  • jmacmillan777 profile photo
    I don't haggle, but I think I'm going to start soon.
    about 1 year
  • mammacub4 profile photo
    when I worked in retail, I used to extremely dislike it when people would try to bargain over the price. I just scan and put it in a bag. I have NO CONTROL over the price. Some people just don't understand that.
    about 1 year
  • Rotahayes profile photo
    Bargains helps with this "Economy"
    about 1 year
  • Hanalei2018 profile photo
    When at the swap meet or a yard sale/there's an item I woulf like to buy/haven't enough I will ask the yard merchant to 'see' my amount for purchase, cash I have for that particular item I want at that moment. If approved I pay the amount, we both agreed within what I have with me, or Iam curteous and walk away. Very seldom now, do I go to swamp meets. Mostly for fun/to see interesting items. Now I only collect new things that are attractive..and nice to own but not expensive. Buying on 'sale'/'discount' are forms of Bargaining. Good exxperiences, either way.
    about 1 year
  • clifford2 profile photo
    I don't like to haggling. I feel if some one has to belittle themselves they don't need the item. If it comes up on sale else where I will buy it. The item is a must have now pay the full price and get over it.
    about 1 year
  • GtpsyGirl profile photo
    Negotiating a better price is not only part of the fun of getting a bargain, it sometimes also results in great deals. When the washer I wanted was not available, I asked if I could purchase the floor model. Not only did the store manager give approval, I was also able to get a hefty discount on the original price!
    about 1 year
  • cindythatcher37 profile photo
    I always bargain for a better price.
    about 1 year
  • Odes profile photo
    Bargain is like any sport.
    about 1 year
  • Endora profile photo
    I get twelve cents out of every dime!
    about 1 year
  • Zyni profile photo
    Why not? The worst they can do is say no. You won't know if you don't try. Saving money is good. You can always find somewhere else to spend it.
    about 1 year
  • redhaired_aries profile photo
    If an item is placed on a shelf with an incorrect price in front of it (for a lesser amount), thanks to truth in advertising they have to honor that price. Don't touch the item and call a manager immediately. I also bargain and garage/yard sales and such. Or if the product/service is defective or I receive bad service.
    about 1 year
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