Appreciating What You Have In Your Life

Sometimes it's difficult to appreciate what you have in your life because you might be looking at & longing for what you don't have. Or you're trying to blame or justify why things are the way they are. But when you can be grateful for your life right now, you are less likely to be stressed or anxious about what you feel is missing or lacking. Is it hard for you to be grateful?

Sure, things, people & situations might not be all you thought or expected them to be. I use to allow other people & situations to take over & effect the quality of my life. I didn't value myself or the light that was within me...I could only see the darkness that seemed to be engulfing me. Have you done this or felt this way before?

What I thought would be "greener pastures" turned out to be some pretty rough terrain & once I made my way through I was able to truly appreciate all I had let go of & what I still had in my life. If you take a closer look, you may see that the grass on which you stand is a lot greener than you once thought. In fact, if you were to put all your problems down among everyone else's you might be grateful for the chance to pick up yours again. Would you be willing to pick up the problems of a person you thought had a great life, if you couldn't look at them first?

Even those of us with a generally positive attitude usually have plenty of room to appreciate life more. Learning to be more grateful trumps pretty much any other productive thing you can do. Do you consider yourself a generally positive person?

I am offering these simple tips as a reminder that you can supercharge your appreciation of life. Which of these do you do or plan on doing?

I am all for self-improvement but if you're obsessed with reaching some finish line off in the distance, you will spend your whole life trying to get there & then realize at the very end that you missed a lot along the way. Did this survey help you remember what is important in your life? I hope so!

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