King of the Jungle

Do you believe the lion is the mightiest in the animal kingdom?

Do you believe the lion is the mightiest in the animal kingdom?

Would you be surprised to learn that there are animals who are stronger and able to defeat the mighty lion?

Which animal/animals do you think are stronger than the lion?

It is a common misconception that male lions don't hunt. While females do the majority of the hunting for the pride males do join in particularly when hunting large prey such as buffalo. Also, young males who have left their pride but not yet taken over one of their own have no choice but to hunt for themselves. When a male gets his own pride he spends more time making it grow and protecting it. Male lions sleep up to 20 hours per day (one eye open off and on) and is gathering the strength he needs to spring on command when another male lion tries to steal his pride. To guard his pride takes alot of energy and alertness so a male lion is never really fully asleep. If two adult male lions fight over the right to a pride the fight can often lead to the death of a lion. Lions are actually nocturnal creatures. They hunt at night, especially during the full moon. At day break, the lion will find somewhere to lie down and rest for the rest of the day. Does this change your opinion of the general thought that lions are lazy?

If many other animals are so strong then why is the lion called 'King of the Jungle? First, lions do live in heavily wooded areas in addition to the Savanna and desert areas. They are also known as King of the Jungle because they are the most feared of the large cats. Few animals will dare to challenge a lion even in periods of extreme hunger or fighting for territory. Lions have been called the King of Beasts for centuries due to their majestic appearance and position as a top predator. They are courageous and brave, loyal and strong. They do not fear other animals and will fight to the death. They walk with confidence and boldness. Do you feel that the lion deserves the title "King of the Beasts?"

No matter how you feel about lions it is sad to hear that lions could be gone in 10 to 20 years. This is due to trophy and safari hunting; cattle and lion conflicts where herders retaliate when lions kill cattle; a trade in lion bones; habitat erosion and destruction, etc. Conservationists believe this can be turned around. Do you have any opinions on how this could be done? Please list in comments section. A conservationist said "The time will come when a child will look up and say 'Mom, what was a lion?'" That would be a sad time. Do you agree that we need to protect these majestic kings?

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