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It's Tellwut Top Picks where we pit two cringe-worthy or amazing options against each other - today NA, both and neither are not options.


1. Kanye is infamous for going on Twitter rants, his latest one was about NY Fashion Week, in the past he has also ranted about Beck, Amber Rose and Jimmy Kimmel.

Taylor is also infamous for writing songs about friendships that have gone sour, many have speculated that her latest hit Bad Blood was inspired by a tiff with former friend Katy Perry.

Would you rather have Kanye West rant about you on Twitter or be the inspiration for Taylor Swift's next revenge song?

Kanye West rant about me on Twitter
609 votes
Inspiration for Taylor Swift's revenge anthem
1,831 votes
10/14/2015 Living 2440 53 By: Tellwut
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By: Tellwut
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