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In the late 50's, John and Florence Pollock were leading a normal life in England when suddenly their two girls, Jacqueline and Joanna, were killed in a car accident. The family was affected greatly by the accident, however John held onto the belief that his daughters would soon come back. The next year Florence gave birth to twin girls, Gillian and Jennifer. They were identical, save for different birthmarks. Jennifer had a mark on her forehead that was the same as Jacqueline’s scar, as well as a similar birthmark on her wrist. When the twins turned two, they started asking for toys that once belonged to their sisters; toys they had never seen before. When the family moved back to Hexham, the twins recognized places that they had never seen before, and were even able to recount the events that lead to their sisters’ deaths in detail. However, once the girls reached five, the behavior stopped and never happened again.

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