Small town

I live in a small town. The local radio station is interviewing our police officers so that we can get to know them as real people in our community. Do you think this is a good idea?

Three of our local DJ's know me by name when they see me on the street because I play all the contests on our local radio stations. Do you have DJ's that know you by name?

My husband has worked at two of the largest employers in our community and still does work at one of them. Everywhere we go there is someone he is saying hi to that he knows. Does this happen to you?

Sounds good so far right? But one catch. You can't get one of the best paying jobs in our town without knowing someone no matter how great your qualifications are. Have you experienced this where you live?

All in all it is a great place to live. Would you like to live in a small town if you don't now?

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By: chrism4555