Freak Show

The 1800's was a boom time for the "freak show" where people would pay to walk through a tent to view people with abnormalities or deformities-either real or fake. Today, they are far more rare and even outlawed in many states.

Would you consider paying money to go through a freak show?

Even at the height of their popularity, many people viewed freak shows as immoral and exploitive. Do you agree?

While some of the performers were undoubtedly exploited, and sometimes even slaves, others did quite well. One particularly successful performer was Charles Sherwood Stratton aka "General Tom Thumb". Stratton, who had dwarfism, was put on the road in a deal between his father and PT Barnum at the age of five and became most famous for impersonating Napoleon. He performed his entire life and among his fans were Queen Victoria and Abraham Lincoln. He became very wealthy for the times owning a house in New York, a custom built mansion in Connecticut and a steam powered yacht. He even bailed out PT Barnum and became his business partner. Before this survey, were you familiar with Stratton?

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