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1. For example, I'll be talking to someone and explaining something to them, statement 1,2 and 3 and then I'll start saying it again, for example "because...1,2,3" and again..."so therefore 1,2,3" and again, "so do you...1,2,3" all of that in one question or statement. It kind of drives me nuts and I can notice when I do this but I don't know why or why I can't just ask 1 simple question instead of 1 question 3-4 times, do you know what I mean? I wasn't always doing this, I don't know why I started to, maybe I noticed people were taking a long time to respond to me, or weren't listening, or had a difficult time understanding, whatever the reason, do you find yourself repeating something in this way? that you'll ask or say something multiple times over and over and keep repeating yourself? (sorry if I'm being confusing)

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