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Some of my memories include some of the silly things that were said to me as I was growing up. I just wondered if other people's families were (or are) as crazy as mine. Please feel free to share in the comments section below. Note: I don't need the insults of people that have such low self-esteem that they can only feel good about themselves when they are putting others down. So, if you find flaws in my survey, feel free to skip it rather than insulting my efforts. I'm kind of tired of the bullying that occurs on this site. Please also refrain from insulting my relatives (referred to in the survey), as some are deceased and it would be disrespectful. For the rest of you that want the points and appreciate the work that goes into creating surveys, this one's for you! Hope it makes you smile! :-) And by the way, thank you to all of you that create surveys and provide me with points. I appreciate it, and I'm sure that there are many good Tellwut survey members that feel the same way.

1. When my sister and I were being rowdy, Grandma would tell us to "Be Good, or I'll whip you with a wet noodle!" It made us giggle, and I still remember her for that silly saying. Did you have somebody that could say something so 'off' that it distracted you into being good?

838 votes
912 votes
N/A, Rowdy? Not me!
450 votes

2. Mom, in similar situations, would threaten to have us stand in the corner and stack BBs. Do you have loved ones that said something so ridiculous?

725 votes
No, I didn't.
1,087 votes
N/A, I was never naughty!
280 votes
Threaten? I actually had to stack BBs!
108 votes

3. The news can make the weather so boring in comparison to the way amateurs describe it. Grandpa, for example, used to say that "It's raining harder than a cow pissin on a flat rock." No, I did not misspell pissin. That's how he said it! Have you heard a funny weather expression?

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764 votes
Maybe, but I can't remember for sure.
570 votes

4. When I asked difficult questions as a child, I was frequently told "I'll explain it when you're older." I'm in my late 40s, married, and have an adult son now. I still haven't received my birds and the bees speech! Were you told to wait until you were older in regards to the answers to questions you asked? Did you get the answers when you got older?

Yes, I was told to wait until I got older. When the time came, I was given the answers.
315 votes
Yes, I was told to wait. I got ripped! I'm still waiting!
335 votes
Yes, I was told to wait, but I figured it out on my own and didn't need to ask again when I got older.
620 votes
No, my questions were always answered around the time I asked.
668 votes
Questions? I never had any. I already knew everything!
379 votes

5. Now that you're older, have you figured out what "just because" means?

575 votes
No, but that doesn't (or didn't) stop me from saying it to my kids.
381 votes
Yes, it makes perfect sense!
1,034 votes
Just because? I've never heard that one. (scratching head while looking confused)
210 votes
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