Results for - 2020 Quarantine and social distancing: heaven or hell?

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1. Has the 2020 quarantine made your romantic relationship better or worse?

927 votes
511 votes
I'm single
1,003 votes
If better, how? (I.e. we get to be together more, we are communicating more, we are more romantic, etc.). If worse, how? (I.e argue more, bad habits are coming out, etc)
  • The same, hello.
  • Argue more
  • n/a

2. Has the quarantine of 2020 Brought out the best of you (I.e you're more creative, more artistic, etc.) Or the Worst of you (I.e. you've become lazy, you've become moody, etc.)

Best of me
468 votes
Worst of me
450 votes
I've remained the same, the quarantine of 2020 hasn't affected me.
1,482 votes
What trait(s) of yours have become better or worse or have come to stand out more?
  • Anxiety, paranoia, loneliness, hopelessness - worse
  • My moods are worst
  • taken steps to exercise more

3. Can you not wait for the quarantine of 2020 and all social distancing requirements to end or have you grown acustomed and actually like the effects of the quarantine? (I.e getting to work from home, more time w family, more time at home, etc)

I can't wait to go back to "normal"
1,544 votes
I kind of actually like this "new normal"
856 votes
Name one or two things that you either miss about pre quarantine life or one or two things you like about your new normal
  • These answers suck and are too polarizing. There is no going back
  • more time for reflection
  • travel
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