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I met a Jewish man online one year ago. Of course, I understand the difference in faith and asked all the right questions before going into a serious relationship with him. I was not into marrying again, but would love a committed relationship which eventually lead to living together, at the point in life when we all could use help with assistance like medical appointments, etc.. He assured me that was what he was looking for too. So we continued to see each other most weekends, talked at least 2 or 3 times daily on the phone, messaged each other daily. The first disappointment was when he didn't remember my birthday. I told him I was not expected any special treatment or huge celebration, but just for him to remember would mean so much to me. I remember his. Secondly, on the Victoria Day long weekend, I got a call Friday morning where he called off plans to meet that weekend because his daughter called the night before and wanted to spend the weekend with him. I get it that we all have kids from our previous relationships and I will never be on the top of his priority list as his kid was in his life long before I came along. I communicated my expectations to him and the relationship went cold after this conversation.

1. Am I wrong in initiating this communication so that I will not be disappointed again?

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2. We all love our kids, but was he right to call off the weekend plans with me. His daughter is after all 29 and married.

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3. He's only separated and I told him he is still battling old demons and should not have misled me into this relationship. Was I right?

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4. I am trying to get over it, after all it's only a year versus the 31 years I've been married to my ex. I am struggling. It gets worse closer to the weekends. Am I being silly and stupid?

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5. Was it right for him not to try to remember my birthday? He thinks I was over reacting.

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