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"The Great Realisation" is composed by Tomos for his younger brother Cai and sister Sora. It is a bedtime story (poem) of hope and optimism in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Set in a more equitable, kinder and sustainable future world, and against the backdrop of a pair of cotton clouds, a big brother (Tomos) reads a poem to his curious, younger sibling (Cai), under the flickering light of a candle. The story tracks through the pre-Covid-19 pandemic world (in which people once lived), the virus-impelled COVID-19 lockdown, and finally, the emergence of a better, more sustainable global community. Finding hope amidst a worldwide pandemic is underscored through everyday citizens' abilities to adapt to a new way of living, whilst finding happiness in unanticipated places, shedding old habits and pondering what truly matters in life. The Great Realisation also highlights the many, simple acts of kindness and the heroic efforts of essential, frontline workers. To date, The Great Realisation has been viewed over 60 million times across multiple social networking sites and has been transcribed independently into various languages from every corner of the globe. - Wikitia

1. The common theme of Tomos Roberts work/art is hope. Are you hopeful?

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