The Sperm Switch

Are you currently in a committed relationship where some form of birth control is necessary to prevent pregnancy?

If so, which form do you use?

Overall, are you happy with the method you and your partner use?

Overall, who do you think should be responsible for prevention matters?

Men, if you've had a vasectomy, did you feel pressured into it?

Have you heard about the sperm switch?

Patented under the name Bimek SLV, in Germany, this new innovation would make men who are interested in taking charge of their own fertility even more in control. A device is implanted in the scrotum, which allows men to turn a switch on and off. When off, sperm is present when ejaculating. When turned on, the sperm will be diverted back to the testicles. Does this sound appealing to you?

The implantation is an outpatient procedure that apparently requires no down time. The switch will be set to "off" when leaving the doctor's office. Once you switch it "on", there will still be 3 more months worth of sperm - or another 30 ejaculations. Men are cautioned to get a sperm analysis at this point, to make sure it's truly working. Do you think this sounds like a better option than a vasectomy?

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