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1. Last month a 15 year old boy went to Hawaii on a guided kayak tour. He and a friend broke away from their group to go ashore and explore tidal pools. Unfortunately, both were washed away by a large wave. One boy was found, the 15 y.o. was not........ This past week, a church group went to Yosemite, a mom and her two sons went in to the water; both boys were washed away in the current, both boys lost thier lives...... So, who is responsible?

The tour group’s leaders for not keeping an eye on their group members?
148 votes
The actual vacation spot where the accidents occurred for not posting warning signs?
99 votes
The tour guide company for not emphasizing the safety guidelines (if this applies)
124 votes
Victims themselves are responsible for straying away from their group and the group leader
247 votes
Other (please specify)
25 votes

2. What can be done in the future to prevent these types of accidents?

Constant dialogue regarding safety instructions
235 votes
Have more than one leader watching the group
254 votes
Hold the vacations spots to post more visible signs regarding tides, waves, and currents
185 votes
Other (please specify)
20 votes
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