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In part three, we will cover gray wolf subspecies. is the source for this survey.

Which Mongolian wolf facts are you aware of?

1. Which Mongolian wolf facts are you aware of?

The Mongolian wolf is a very close relative of the Himalayan wolf. In fact, there's a bit of debate among scientists as to whether it should really be considered its own subspecies or if it's best to include it with the Himalayan wolf.
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The Mongolian wolf is traditionally found throughout Mongolia and within parts of China, Russia, and the Korean Peninsula.
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At one point, the wolf population in Mongolia was estimated at about 30,000 individuals, but this number declined to about 10,000 individuals in the early 2000s as a result of regular wolf hunting. These days, the Mongolian wolf is fairly protected in Mongolia, though the wolves are still at threat of extinction.
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Which of these Eurasian wolf characteristics are you familiar with?

2. Which of these Eurasian wolf characteristics are you familiar with?

The Eurasian wolf is one of the largest and most widely distributed subspecies of wolves on the planet. Traditionally, the Eurasian wolf was found throughout Europe and even parts of western Asia.
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During the Middle Ages, it was extensively hunted, which led to a drastic decline in the total population. These days, there are only a few remaining populations of Eurasian wolves found on the European continent, many of which are still at threat of negative human interactions.
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The Eurasian wolf is also one of the largest wolf subspecies with an average weight of about 86 lbs (39 kg). They naturally feed on species like reindeer, chamois, wild goats, and ibex, but they also occasionally prey on livestock, which is how they got such a bad reputation among humans.
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Which of these Indian wolf facts are you aware of?

3. Which of these Indian wolf facts are you aware of?

One of the less common wolf subspecies, the Indian wolf is found throughout the country of India. It can also sometimes be found in parts of Pakistan and Iran. On occasion, it's even spotted as far away as Turkey.
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For the most part, the Indian wolf lives in the Peninsular region of the country where it inhabits forested areas. However, it has also been found in parts of the Himalaya, which makes distinguishing it from the Himalayan wolf a bit tricky.
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When compared to other wolves, the Indian wolf is known for being relatively small. It also has a somewhat unique fur coat with a reddish-grey upper body and a mostly white belly and legs.
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Which of these Artic wolf facts have you heard about?

4. Which of these Artic wolf facts have you heard about?

Arguably the most recognizable of the wolf subspecies, the Arctic wolf is a gorgeous canine that inhabits the northernmost regions of the world in Canada's Queen Elizabeth Islands.
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While many other wolves often have light grey fur, the Arctic wolf distinguishes itself by having a nearly completely white coloration. In photos, it can sometimes be confused with other lightly colored subspecies, like the Hudson Bay wolf, but it's mostly white coat and medium-size appearance usually set it apart.
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In its Arctic environment, the Arctic wolf tends to eat mostly muskoxen and Arctic hares, though it has also been known to eat caribou and even Arctic foxes. The Arctic wolf's remote location means that it's not at risk of widespread hunting by humans. However, rapidly changing climate conditions in the polar regions are a threat to the species' long-term survival.
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