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Last October we adopted a feral kitten that was rescued from the ranch where I worked. He was a couple of months old when he was caught so gaining his trust has been a long drawn out process, but we're slowly but surely getting there.

Have you, or do you know of anyone that has adopted a feral cat or kitten?

1. Have you, or do you know of anyone that has adopted a feral cat or kitten?

Yes, I have adopted a feral
511 votes
Someone I know has adopted one
1,339 votes

2. Our little feral kitten was part of a colony of 40+ cats, most of them were spayed or neutered as the owner of the ranch had trapped them, taken them to the vets to be neutered or spayed and they were given their shots at the same time. Each cat would have the tip of his/her ear clipped so they wouldn't be trapped and taken to the vets twice. Are you familiar with 'trap, neuter and return'?

Yes I am familiar with trapping, neutering and returning a feral cat to it's colony
684 votes
I've never heard of this
1,116 votes

3. As I mentioned in my opening message taming him has been a long slow process. We are at the stage where I can pet him but only from behind and only in certain parts of our home, one minute he is nice and calm and then all of a sudden something snaps and the feral behavior comes back. He seems very happy and gets along great with our other two cats. We've had him a year now and I feel we are slowly but surely gaining his trust. Are you surprised it's taking so long to tame him?

Yes, that does sound surprising
267 votes
No, he's basically a wild animal so I'm sure it takes a lot of time
1,030 votes
503 votes

4. It took a while for us to come up with a name for him, as he was born on a ranch we decided to name him Rodeo - Roadie for short. Do you like his name?

Yes, I think it's a nice name for him
1,168 votes
Not sure if I really like it
632 votes
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